10 Tips For Long Lasting Gel Nail Polish

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When it comes to gel nails, the trick is getting your polish to last longer than a couple of days. After all, the whole point of getting a gel manicure is that chip-free and long-lasting finish! But there’s nothing worse than having to go back to the salon every few days for touch ups because your gel manicure keeps chipping.

Luckily, there are some simple ways you can make your gel nail polish last longer and avoid those pesky chips. Here are 10 tips for long lasting gel nail polish:

Many women have a love/hate relationship with gel nails. We love the long lasting color and shine but hate the price and the damage it can cause to our natural nails. I’ve been getting gel manicures and pedicures since they first became popular. I’ve tried many different products and salons, some better than others. I’ve also done plenty of research on how to get my gel nails to last as long as possible, so I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks for a long lasting gel nail polish manicure or pedicure.

1. Start with a good base coat: This is important for protecting your natural nails from staining from the gel polish.

2. Let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next: If you don’t follow this tip your nails will shrink wrap and lift off in no time at all!

3. Finish with a top coat: Use an ultra-glossy top coat that keeps your nail color looking fresh and shiny plus protects your nails from chipping and peeling at the same time.

4. Use a scrubber buffer to remove shine from your natural nails before applying any gels: This allows the gel to adhere better to your nail making it last longer while staying chip-free

Gel nails are the best alternative to acrylic nails as gel nails do not damage your natural nails. They can be used as an overlay for strengthening natural nails or for nail extensions. But, as in the case with any manicure, you need to take care of it properly to make it last longer.

Here is a list of tips and tricks that you can follow to get long lasting gel nail polish manicure:

1. Make sure your nails are completely dry before applying gel nail polish.

2. Do not shake the bottle; just roll it between your palms for about 20 seconds.

3. Sweep the brush from one side of the nail to the other side, ensuring that there is no air trapped under the gel nail polish.

4. Apply a thin layer of top coat after every 3-4 days. This will protect your gel nails from getting chipped or scratched and also prevent them from turning yellowish due to dirt and grime accumulation.

5. Avoid placing your hands in water immediately after applying gel nail polish as this could cause bubbles or smudges on your nails, which will ruin your manicure right away. It takes at least 30 minutes for the polish to dry up completely and you should avoid doing any strenuous work during this

I love gel nail polish because of its long lasting shine, but I don’t love the price at the salon. It’s $30 to get my nails done at a fancy salon and I can do it myself for less than $10. Gel nail polish seems to last longer than regular polish and doesn’t chip as easy. Here are some tips for making your gel nail polish last as long as possible.

1. First, clean your nails with rubbing alcohol before applying the base coat. This is probably the most important step before applying any nail polish so that it lasts long and stays on.

2. Then apply a thick base coat of your favorite gel nail polish brand (Sally Hansen, Kiss, OPI, etc.)

3. Let the base coat dry completely with a UV light or in natural light (I prefer sun light).

4. Apply two coats of color gel nail polish inside with a UV light or outside in sunlight again allowing each layer to dry completely before applying the next layer of color.

5. Lastly, apply a top coat of clear gel nail polish to give your nails a shiny finish and let it dry completely one more time before enjoying your manicure!

Gel nails are the latest trend in nail industry. They might not be as durable as acrylic nails, but they give you the look you want. We all want to get long lasting manicures and pedicures, don’t we? If you want to get better results with your gel nails then it is imperative that you adopt some simple habits that will help you in getting long lasting gel nail polish.


Gel nails usually cost more than acrylic nails and provide beautiful finish. They last longer than your usual manicure and don’t chip like the normal nail polish. You can also get gel nail extensions if you want to add length to your natural nails.

Gel nails are the latest trend in manicures. They’re a bit more expensive than regular nail polish, but they last longer and look fantastic. With the right care, your gel manicure can last up to three weeks with no chipping or peeling!

Get your gel nails done at a reputable salon to ensure quality and safety.

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