10 Tips For Taking Better Nail Photos

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So, you’re a nail blogger. Or at least trying to be one. One of the most important things about having a blog is getting people to come and read it on a regular basis. You know that you need to take good pictures of your nails, but how do you do it?

If you have no idea how to take pictures, or even if you do, this post is for you! I’m going to give some tips on taking pictures of your nails, and explain how I take pictures of mine!

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1. Use natural light as often as possible. Using artificial light looks harsh and sometimes makes colors look off. If you’re taking photos outside be careful of shadows from trees or buildings. Shade is best, but indirect sunlight can work too. Go outside about an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset for the best lighting conditions.

2. Some bloggers use a lightbox or other artificial lighting setup in their home or office, because they don’t get enough natural light where they live and/or work. They can help produce nice photography (especially if done well), but there are many tutorials online for making them for cheap.

Nail Art Blogging is a growing trend, but taking a professional looking photo of your nails can be challenging. To help you take better photos of your own nails, we have researched and compiled a list of 10 tips.

1. Lighting: Take your photos in natural light, preferably outside. If you are inside make sure you have plenty of lighting around you.

2. Use a Camera: The quality of a camera phone is usually not good enough for nail art pictures, so try to use a camera if possible. The Sony CyberShot has been proven to be one of the best for taking nail art pictures.

3. White Background: Use a white or light colored background when taking your pictures to make the color of the polish stand out and give it a professional look.

4. Positioning: Take your picture at eye level (or higher) from about 12 inches away from your hand. This will give you ideal positioning for your pictures and make them look more professional (as opposed to looking down on them).

5. Crop: Make sure that you crop only the hand and nails in the picture (from the wrist up), so that there is no background or anything else showing in the photo (unless using it for an effect).


When it comes to taking great nail photos, I think all of us are guilty of snapping a few quick shots and calling it a day. But if you’re looking for ways to up your photography game, here are 10 tips for taking better nail photos!

1. Light is key!

2. Find the right background.

3. Use a tripod when possible.

4. Shoot at different angles.

5. Use props to add dimension to your shot.

6. Take multiple pictures and then choose the best one.

7. Don’t forget to edit your photos!

8. Experiment with different lighting – natural or artificial light, or even different sources of artificial light (fluorescent vs incandescent) can change the look of your photos completely!

9. You don’t need expensive equipment – use what’s available around you! For example, I use an old sock as my diffuser all the time and have gotten some very pretty shots with just that!

10. Have fun! Photography is all about experimenting and exploring so don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works best for you!”

If you’re like me, you have a million ideas running through your head at any given time, and they’re all equally loud. But if I could choose, they’d be screaming something along the lines of “take pictures of your nails!” Because as a nail blogger, photo quality is just as important as technique.

So here are my tips for taking better nail photos!

1. Use a clean background. I use a white foam board cut to size and taped to my desk so that it sticks up behind where I take my photos. This keeps the background nice and clean, and it’s easy to switch out (I usually use the same one for months before grabbing another one). Keep in mind that the background can make a big difference in how your nails look, so if you choose to use something other than white or black (which are generally good options), make sure that it doesn’t clash with your color scheme.

2. Use natural light when possible. This makes a big difference! The closer you can get to natural light from a window without having sunlight hitting the camera lens itself (or your hands), the better your pictures will be!

3. Invest in some daylight bulbs! These are inexpensive CFL bulbs that mimic natural daylight. They’re not quite

For those of you who’d like to start taking better pictures of your nails, but aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips that I’ve found to help me take better pictures. Keep in mind that a lot of taking good pictures just comes down to practice, and the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

1. Don’t use flash.

2. Use indirect light (i.e., don’t have a light shining directly on your nails…this can make for harsh shadows).

3. Take pictures when the sun is out (this is when I take all of my nail photos). If there is no sun out, try using indirect light from lamps or other lighting fixtures in your house.

4. Take multiple shots (in case one doesn’t turn out well…I usually take about 5-7 shots per nail design).

5. Put your camera against your hand instead of holding it in front of it (this will help minimize shaking, which can cause blurry pictures).

6. Turn off auto focus and turn on manual focus (I usually focus my camera by moving it back and forth until the image looks sharp on the screen).

7. Make sure you’re in a well-lit area (if you’re lighting

1. Have a clean background:

2. Use Natural Lighting:

3. Take the picture with the camera parallel to your nails:

4. Use a tripod if you don’t want to use a timer.:

5. Add decorations that look like they belong in the picture.:

6. Add decorations that will make the picture more interesting:

7. The Rule of Thirds:

8. Pay attention to your own hands:

9. Have fun!:

10. Practice Practice Practice!:

1. Use natural light whenever possible.

2. Use a tripod or other stable surface to keep your camera still.

3. Use tape or push pins to keep your hand steady.

4. Try using your Macro setting, if you have one.

5. Shoot in RAW if at all possible! The extra data you get from shooting in RAW will make editing your photos so much easier!

6. Set your white balance manually if your camera has this option (usually a “K” on a dial). If you do not have this option, try switching to cloudy or fluorescent lighting.

7. Take multiple pictures of each nail and then pick the clearest best shot for each nail to edit and post.

8. When photographing individual nails, use two pieces of tape on either side of each fingernail to hide the excess fingers and skin that would otherwise be visible around the nail in the picture frame. Using clear tape works best so it’s not visible in the finished picture, but any color of tape should work as long as it is not too shiny or reflective (if you’re worried about it showing up in the photo, just crop out the offending piece of tape when you’re editing).

9. Give each photo a quick once over

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