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Right now, although the gel nail colours has only been launched a few days ago, it’s already selling like hot cakes. And we’ve decided to offer our loyal customers an even bigger discount than usual.

That will surely be good news for you!

So, if you’ve been thinking about trying our gel nail colours, now would be a perfect time to buy it. Don’t wait – it’s 46% off for a limited time only!

If you’re a nail enthusiast, you know that gel nails are the most durable way to paint your nails. Not only are they less likely to chip, but with the right application and proper maintenance, you can have beautiful nails for up to two full weeks. While there are plenty of solid shades to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the best gel nail colors for autumn.

Whether you prefer classic reds or more unexpected hues like teal and periwinkle, these fun fall gel nail colors will help you transition into the cooler months in style. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out which shades we love the most.

The Best Fall Gel Nail Colors


If you’re looking for a neutral nail polish shade that is perfect for fall, look no further than a nude hue. Because it’s such a versatile color, nude pairs well with everything in your closet and can be worn year round. This particular shade has a slight stone effect that adds texture and interest to your manicure.

2.Mustard Yellow

This rich mustard yellow hue is perfect for autumn because it perfectly encapsulates the changing leaves on trees and the changing weather outside our windows. In addition to being a unique shade, this yellow hue can also bright

Nail Color Gel Polish Nude Colors Nails Gel Gel Varnish UV Gel Polish

Lasting Shiny Manicure Soak Off LED UV Lamp Dry Nail Art Tools


Item Type: Soak off UV LED Gel Polish

Color: As the pictures show

Volume: 8ml/pc

Quantity: 6pcs set

Weight: Approx.112g

Package Included:

6 Bottles x Soak off UV LED Gel Polish (8ml/pc)

Trendy gel nail colours for Spring/Summer 2016.

The Professional Nail Art Kit contains everything you need for beautiful nails. The unique gel has a gel consistency and dries quickly under a UV lamp. The set contains four shades of gel in the most fashionable colours of this season, as well as a special base and top coat. Thanks to this combination, your nails will look like they have been done by a professional!

Gel nails are a type of manicure that is done with a gel polish and requires curing under an LED lamp after each coat. The nail technician will apply a base coat and then 2-3 coats of the colour, followed by a topcoat. After each layer has cured under the lamp, you have yourself a long-lasting manicure! This type of manicure lasts about two to three weeks before you need to get them filled or redone.

Gel nails provide a more durable finish than regular nail polish does, which is why they are so popular for those looking for longer lasting colour on their nails. Gel nail polish also comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, from matte to glittery! Gel polish is meant to be applied in thin coats and can take up to 60 seconds to cure under an LED lamp. Usually, you will have three coats of polish applied: base coat, two or three coats of colour, and then top coat.

You can also get other nail treatments done using gel polish such as French manicures or ombre (gradient) designs by using different colours for each layer of polish that are layered on top of each other before curing under an LED lamp. Some people even choose to get nail art done with gel polish

Nail color is an essential part of every woman’s beauty routine. From a classic pink to a bold black, there are countless shades of nail polish that can accentuate your overall look.

Find the perfect nail polish for your skin tone and style, whether you’re looking for a subtle color or ready to make a statement.

Here is our guide to the best nail polish for every occasion.

Nails are a fashion statement for every woman of this age. Everyone loves to have perfect looking nails that are beautified with shiny nail colors and fabulous nail art. But, who has the time to sit for hours in the beauty parlor? Everyone wants to do it at home but due to lack of practice and experience, most of the times we fail and spoil our nails.

However, there is a way through which you can get perfect looking nails without going to the beauty parlor or spending too much time in your daily activities. And that is Gel Nail Colors.

Gel Nail Colors are a kind of nail polish that requires a UV/LED light to cure or harden the color and give that perfect glossy finish in just minutes. They have been around since many years but these days they have become very popular because everyone wants to have those beautiful long nails which last long without chipping off like regular nail polish.

Gel nail colors look much similar to acrylic nails since they also provide a thick coat on your nails and make them look strong and sturdy. The gel-like consistency allows it to be applied in layers and custom build your desired strength on your nails.

Gel nail colors provide a protective coat on your nails so that they don’t

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