5 Tips For Getting The Bridal Mani You Want

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Your nails are a part of your wedding day look, but you don’t have to go overboard with them.

5 Tips For Getting The Bridal Mani You Want:

1. Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with!

2. Figure out when is the best day to get your mani/pedi.

3. Pick a color that compliments your skin tone.

4. Choose a nail shape that you love and will be comfortable with on your wedding day.

5. Consider what your dress looks like and what your nails might look like in photos.

Ahead of your wedding day, you’ve got plenty on your mind. But one thing we hope doesn’t cause you too much stress is your bridal mani! A good manicure can really be the cherry on top of the perfect bridal look. We want to help, so here are our 5 tips for getting the bridal mani you want!

1. Book a Consultation

If you are interested in getting a custom nail design (we’re talking colours, patterns, french tips, acrylics) make sure to book a consultation weeks before your wedding! That way if there is any last minute changes that need to be made you have enough time without stressing out.

2. Bring Photos

If you have an idea of what you want but aren’t sure how to explain it to your manicurist, bring photos! It’s always helpful to take photos of nails that interest you and show them when booking your consultation. Your manicurist will then be able to get a better idea of what you are looking for and be able to create something that works with your look.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

You shouldn’t feel limited by what’s trendy or in-style. If there’s a look or colour combination that speaks

There are many things to factor in when trying to get the perfect bridal mani. Are you going for a classic look, or something more trendy and fun? What do your nails look like right now, and how long will it take to get them into the right shape? These are all important questions, but have no fear! With these five tips, you can be on your way to getting the wedding-worthy nails of your dreams.

1. Know Your Nail Shape

If you’re not sure what nail shape you like best, now is the time to start experimenting! You’ll want to find a shape that is both flattering and practical for everyday life (no one wants to break a nail while taking out the trash!). Try a few different shapes (square, oval, almond) and see which one feels most comfortable before committing to it for your big day.

2. Understand The Different Types Of Manicures

There are two main types of manicures: gel and shellac. A gel manicure is similar to a traditional paint job, except that an additional layer of gel polish is added at the end to give it extra shine and durability. Shellac manicures use UV light or LED lamps to cure the polish so they last longer than

Nail trends are constantly changing, from the length of your nails to the color and style. If you’re getting married soon, you may be considering a manicure that is different from your usual look. Here are five tips for getting a bridal mani that will last through your wedding day.

Tip 1: Consider Your Dress

What color is your wedding dress? How formal or informal is it? The answers to these questions will help you decide on a manicure that goes well with your gown. Lace dresses tend to look best with natural nails and a pink or nude color. For an informal dress, consider choosing a color like white or silver to complement the dress.

Tip 2: Think About Your Wedding Colors

The colors of your wedding also play an important role in deciding on nail polish colors. If you’re planning a traditional wedding, stick with classic shades like white, pink or red. Blue, green and purple all make great choices for less traditional weddings. You can even try gold and silver glitter polishes if you want something really unique!

Tip 3: Get Ideas

If you’re not sure what type of manicure you want, look online for some ideas. Pinterest is one place where brides post pictures of their nails before and after their

When it comes to your wedding, there is no shortage of beauty regimens to work through. One thing that can easily get forgotten: getting a manicure!

While you’re busy planning your wedding and getting all the other things checked off your list, finding the right polish might be hard. After all, you want something that works with all skin tones and doesn’t look out of place next to your dress.

So how do you find the perfect nail polish for your bridal mani?

Do Your Research

Getting your nails done is one of the best parts about planning for your wedding, right? Sure, it’s not as exciting as shopping for your dress, but it’s a close second. And if you’re like us, you’ve been Pinterest-ing mani inspiration since before you were even engaged. We asked a few of our favorite nail experts to share their top tips for the perfect bridal manicure. Here are the 5 things to keep in mind when preparing for your wedding day mani:

1. Don’t book a mani on the same day you get your hair and makeup done.

If you pick up a chip in the morning (it happens!), you want to be able to get it fixed easily without having to squeeze back into that chair or leaving with an imperfect manicure.

2. Make sure to bring nail polish with you on the big day!

Even if it’s just so you can touch up any chips, having polish will save the day! It may sound obvious, but we see so many brides forget this last minute detail.

3. Pick your color BEFORE the trial.

This way your nail tech can match your polish or gel shade exactly during your trial

1. Don’t schedule your appointment too close to the wedding day: You don’t want to leave your mani until the last minute. It’s always a good idea to get it done at least 3 days before the wedding, that way your nails will have time to completely dry and you won’t risk smudging it.

2. Bring a picture of what you want: Make sure you bring a picture of what you want! Pictures are a great way for communicating with your nail technician. Especially if you aren’t sure how to describe what you want, pictures are always helpful.

3. Bring your dress: This is especially important if you’re getting married in white! If you bring your dress along, it will be easier for the nail artist to choose a pink shade that matches perfectly with your gown and doesn’t clash with it.

4. Get a french manicure: French manicures look classy and go well with any style of dress, so if you can’t decide or can’t find a picture of what exactly you want, we recommend going for the French mani! They’re also great because they don’t distract from the ring, which is very important 😉

5. DON’T CHEAT!: We know this sounds obvious but we have had

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