5 Tips to Create a Gorgeous Manicure

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Beauty is not just about what you put on the outside, it’s really a reflection of your inner self. A manicure is not just about polishing your nails and making them look good. It’s an experience that can make you feel relaxed and beautiful. We at Nail Design Studio want to help you achieve that feeling every day!

Follow these 5 steps to create a gorgeous manicure:1) Choose products that are right for your needs.2) Keep your nails healthy and strong.3) Take care of your cuticles.4) Use natural nail polish remover.5) Paint in the correct order!

We hope these tips will help you create a gorgeous manicure!

These tips will help you create the perfect manicure at home.

1. File your nails in one direction, taking care to never saw back and forth. This can cause your nail to split and break.

2. Avoid soaking your nails prior to application; it can cause the nail to absorb excess water which might compromise the adhesion of the acrylic.

3. When applying acrylics, don’t let any acrylic touch your cuticle or skin at the base of your nail because it will be very difficult to remove that excess once the acrylic is hard.

4. Use a professional grade non-acetone remover if you need to remove any acrylic from your skin or cuticle area because regular nail polish remover will not work.

5. Do not use a drill or any other types of tools on your natural nails as this will cause them to break, especially if you have weak or brittle nails! If needed use only hand files for filing away excess product on top of your nail before polishing over with color/top coat!

If you are looking for a gel manicure and do not have the time or money to get to the salon, this tutorial is for you! Follow these steps to create a gorgeous manicure at home.

1. File your nails into your desired shape.

2. Apply one coat of your base coat.

3. Apply two coats of nail polish.

4. Wipe away any excess nail polish on your skin with a baby wipe or cotton swab dipped in polish remover.

5. Apply one coat of topcoat and allow all coats to dry completely (for this I like to use an LED lamp if I have one).

1. Prep your nails by filing the nail in the desired shape and making sure the surface is smooth.

2. Apply a base coat to each nail. Make sure to apply the base coat at the base of the nail as well as on top of the nail. This will help keep your nails from staining and it will also help prevent them from breaking as well.

3. Next, apply acrylic gel polish, using three strokes: one down the center of your nail, and one on each side of your nail. Make sure not to apply too thickly, which will cause your manicure to wrinkle or bubble.

4. After allowing your nails to dry for a few minutes, apply another layer of polish in the same manner as before. Allow this layer to dry for about five minutes, or until it is not tacky to the touch anymore. Then apply a third and final layer of polish in the same manner as before, and allow this layer to dry completely, which should take around ten minutes. If you are applying a glitter or shimmery polish, you can use a sponge applicator (which can be found at most craft stores) to dab glitter onto each nail after applying your third coat of polish, but before allowing it to dry completely.

1. Use the right tools.

This is the major key to a great manicure. You will need:

a nail polish remover with acetone (or you can use pure acetone), cotton pads, cuticle pusher and clipper, acrylic gel nails buffer & file, cuticle oil (coconut or olive oil can also be used), hand cream, clear base coat, colored nail polish of your choice and a top coat (optional).

2. Shape your nails.

Using a buffer & file, shape and file your nails into your desired shape. Remember to always file in one direction only!

3. Remove excess cuticles.

Using the cuticle pusher, push back any excess cuticles from your nail bed until you have reached a clean surface. Then using your clippers, remove any excess dead skin from around your nails and then gently push back the rest of the cuticles around the whole nail bed.

4. Apply base coat and 2 coats of colored polish.

Apply a base coat to help protect from staining and strengthen your nails. Let this dry before applying two coats of colored polish and let dry completely! The secret to getting long lasting manicures is how many layers of topcoat you apply. So

1. Prep the Nails

Each nail should be filed, buffed and cleaned before beginning the manicure. This will allow the acrylic polish to adhere to the nails properly. You should file in one direction only. File from the outer edge of the nail towards the center of your finger. Buffing the nails is done with a rough textured buffer to remove ridges and smooth out the edges of your nails. Once you have finished filing and buffing, wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water. Dry with a lint-free towel.

2. Cuticles

Soak your fingertips in warm soapy water for 5 minutes. The cuticles can then be pushed back using an orange stick or a cuticle pusher (available at most beauty supply stores). A cuticle nipper can be used to clip away any dead skin on the edge of the fingernail if necessary. Apply cuticle oil after pushing back and clipping cuticles to moisturize them and keep them healthy.

3. Basecoat

Apply a thin layer of basecoat to each fingernail after you are finished shaping them with a file and buffer, pushing back cuticles with an orange stick or cuticle pusher, and clipping away any dead skin around the nail bed with

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