7 Steps to a Long Lasting Manicure

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Follow these 7 steps for a long lasting manicure:

1. Pick the right shade of polish

2. Apply a base coat

3. Use thin coats of polish

4. Let your nails dry

5. Apply a top coat

6. Avoid chipping your nails

7. Give your nails some TLC

1. Prep Nails with a Non-Acetone Polish Remover

2. File Nails and Apply Ridge Filler

3. Apply Base Coat

4. Apply Color

5. Apply Top Coat

6. Apply Cuticle Oil

7. Relax and Enjoy your Long Lasting Manicure!

At-home manicures are a great way to save money, but it can be tough to get a salon-quality look on your own. Follow these 7 steps to make sure your manicure lasts, even when you don’t have the time or money to go to the salon.

Step 1: Push back your cuticles and trim

Step 2: Shape your nails

Step 3: Apply a base coat

Step 4: Apply two coats of nail polish

Step 5: Apply a top coat

Step 6: Allow time for drying between coats of polish

Step 7: Moisturize

1. Prepare for your manicure.

-Remove all old nail polish with acetone free polish remover. If you use a polish remover with acetone, it will dry out your nails and cuticles. It is best to use a non-acetone nail polish remover, especially if you have gel nails.

2. Push back the cuticles.

-To push back the cuticles, use a cuticle pusher or a wooden orange stick wrapped in cotton on the end. Do not cut the cuticles because they protect your nails from infection and are essential to having healthy nails!

3. Shape the nails.

-Clip and file your nails into desired shape; round, square or oval shaped nails are most popular these days but you can have them any shape you want! It is best to clip rather than file as filing can weaken the nails over time. Be sure to file in one direction only!

4. Apply a thin coat of base coat to each nail to protect them from the color coats and help them last longer after manicure is complete\n5.”

1. Make sure your nails are clean before you begin. Use a bit of nail polish remover and a cotton ball to wipe them down, even if you’ve just had a manicure.

2. File your nails so they are all the same length and shape.

3. Apply a base coat, this will help your polish last longer and prevent your nails from staining.

4. Apply two coats of nail polish, allowing each coat to dry before applying another.

5. Apply a top coat, this will seal in your color and give it that professional shine!

6. Allow nails to dry for about an hour before you do anything with them (i.e., typing, using your phone)

7. Enjoy your beautiful nails!

1. Gather Supplies.

2. Shape Nails.

3. Clean and Dry Nails.

4. Apply Base Coat and Polish.

5. Apply Top Coat.

6. Touch Up and Clean Up.

7. Keep Your Manicure Looking Great!

1.Gather your supplies:

a.cotton balls, polish remover, nail file and buffer

b.cuticle pusher

c.base coat and top coat

d.nail polish color(s) of your choice! I love pastel colors for spring, so I chose a mint green, pink and blue-ish lavender color to make a fun flower design on my nails.

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