Why The Reverse French Manicure Is Not Just A Trend

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As someone who has been a longtime fan of the reverse French manicure, I can tell you firsthand that the look is not just a trend. It’s practical and versatile.

The reverse French manicure (also known as the moon manicure) involves painting your nails in a single color — either a bright shade or a neutral tone — while leaving the bottom half of your nail bed nude. The effect is an understated and sophisticated look that’s surprisingly low maintenance.

In fact, when I used to get regular manicures, I would request this look because it saved me time and money. It’s really easy to touch up if you get a chip on the tip of your nail. Plus, it takes less time to do than other nail designs because there’s less painting involved.

You also don’t have to make an appointment for this look since you can do it yourself at home with just two nail polishes. And best of all? It works with every skin tone and nail length!

We’re quite sure you’ve encountered the “reverse french manicure” somewhere online. This one is definitely a huge trend right now, and it has been for a while.

The reverse french manicure is essentially the opposite of what we all know as the classic french manicure. Here are some examples to be sure we’re on the same page:

With the reverse french manicure, instead of painting your nail tips with white polish and leaving the rest of your nail bare or painted in a light pink shade, you paint your entire nail with white polish and leave just the tips bare. The results are quite stunning, but not only do you have an original look, you also benefit from it!

We know what you’re thinking: how can just painting another part of my nail with white polish be beneficial? Well, here are some reasons why this will soon become your new favorite type of manicure:

The reverse French manicure is a unique way to play with color and nail shapes. The style isn’t just a trend, it’s a way to make your nails look longer.

This new technique is challenging some of the most popular trends in the nail world. It’s a mix between the classic French manicure and an edgy, colorful look.

The reverse French manicure trend is popping up all over Instagram as people try out this new technique. The basic concept is to paint the tips of your nails different colors while leaving your cuticles nude.

We’ve seen some celebrities try out the trend, but most recently it was on Gigi Hadid’s nails in her Vogue cover shoot that got everyone talking about this look again.

The reverse French manicure is perfect for you if you want to get creative with your nail coloring, but you don’t want to go with something too crazy or bold. It’s also great if you’re looking for ways to make your nails look longer, which this design can sometimes do.

For a long time, the classic french manicure ruled supreme. But recently, the trend has been all about flipping things around (literally). The reverse french is a new way to wear the classic look — and it’s got some surprising perks.

So, what is the reverse french manicure? It’s when you paint your nails with an opaque color and then apply white tips. It looks like an updated version of the original french because it shows off more of your natural nail. As opposed to a traditional french, where you’re painting on an opaque tip in place of your real one.

We spoke to nail legend Jin Soon Choi — founder of her eponymous brand — to find out why she loves the trend. Here are three reasons why we’ll be trying out this look next time we head to our local salon.

The Reverse French Manicure is the next big thing in nails. The color combination is a great way to update your favorite French manicure by switching up the colors.

The look is a little edgy and we’re loving it. This new way of wearing a traditional French manicure has been spotted on several celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, and Katy Perry.

This nail design will be perfect for the summer months ahead!

If you’re looking to amp up your beauty routine, consider the reverse French manicure. It’s a chic update on a classic style that’s both trendy and timeless.

A reverse French manicure—which is also known as a half-moon manicure—is exactly that: A French mani with the white tip replaced by a moon of color. The look is graphic and modern, and it’s one of the more fun ways to play with the traditional half-moon style. Plus, it can be done with any color combination your heart desires. If you don’t have time for nail art, this is an easy way to add interest to your look.

Because the tips are darker than the rest of the nail bed, it will help make your hands appear longer and thinner. “The tips are darker than the rest of the nail bed,” suggests celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders at Essie. “This gives you a longer looking nail.”

The reverse French manicure is one trend that I didn’t think would last this long. But, not only has it stuck around, but it could be better than ever. The latest version of the edgy nail look is called the “reverse French ombre.” And, according to celebrity nail artist Mazz Hanna, this new look is so much cooler than the old.

“The reverse French ombre is even more edgy than a regular reverse French,” she tells me via email. “It’s so beautiful because it can be soft and feminine or rough and tough depending on how you execute it.”

Hanna explains that this design can be customized for each individual. “I love my reverse French ombre because it’s a bit punk rock with a touch of sophistication,” she tells me. If you’re wondering what exactly this term means, I totally get you; I had no idea either. But Hanna explains that it’s a manicure where the color is on the bottom portion of the nail bed instead of at the top where your cuticle would be. While the original style featured a light pink base with white tips, this new design features an array of colors in an ombre gradient effect.

“The ombre effect will give

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