A Closer Look at Black Gel Nails The Myths and the Facts

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A Closer Look at Black Gel Nails: The Myths and the Facts

Nowadays black gel nails have become a trend. Many women go for black gel nail polish because it is highly resistant to chipping and lasts longer. That is why many celebrities have been seen sporting them. They are ideal for women who are always on the go and do not have time for frequent manicure appointments.

However, there are certain myths about black gel nails that have been circulating, which has deterred many women from trying them out. Below we will take a closer look at these myths and see whether they are true or false.

Myth 1: Black Gel Nails Do Not Look Good on Women with Dark Skin

This is false. Black gel nails can look good on anyone regardless of their skin color. The key is to find the right shade of black gel polish that works well with your skin tone. Choose a dark, rich purple-black shade if you want something subtle or a lighter, deeper brown-black if you want something more outspoken. These shades will work well with dark skin tones as well as pale ones.

Myth 2: Black Gel Nails Are Too Thick

This also depends on how you apply the polish and how many coats you use. To make

A Closer Look at Black Gel Nails: The Myths and the Facts

One of the newest trends to hit salons is black gel nails, which have been quite popular in Japan for a number of years. In fact, many people consider this type of manicure to be one of the biggest trends for 2011. With their high gloss shine and deep, rich color, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. But there are many myths surrounding black gel nails including problems with the strength and durability of the polish, as well as a lot of misinformation about what the polish is made from. The truth is that black gel nails are just as strong and durable as any other type of gel nail polish when applied correctly. It does not matter what color nail polish you use, as long as it is a good quality brand and applied correctly.

The biggest myth surrounding black gel nails is that they are made up of some sort of “black dye” or pigment that makes them darker than traditional colors. While this may sound logical, it simply isn’t true. All nail polishes contain “colorants” or pigments that give them their hue or tint. So if you were to take a bottle of red nail polish and grind it down into powder, you would

The Myths and Facts of Black Gel Nails

The black gel nails have been in the market for a long time. However, some myths about it are still circulating around. In this post, we are going to clarify those myths about black gel nails and make sure that no more false information is being spread.

The Myths:

Black gel nails cannot be used on natural nails because it will damage them.

The truth is black gel nails can actually be used on natural nails. The problem is that most of the people using these products do not know how to use them properly and end up damaging their own nails. It’s simple: just follow the instructions carefully, apply thin coats of the polish, cure your nails under the UV lamp after each coat, and remove the sticky layer before applying another coat. Always make sure you remove the sticky layer before applying another coat or even applying topcoat as well. If you do not remove the sticky residue properly, your nail will not cure properly or evenly and chances are that your manicure might even lift off prematurely! The right way to do it is to wipe a cotton ball soaked in 99% alcohol over each nail after curing under UV lamp, then reapply your next coat of polish. Remember to cure again

We’ve all heard it before: “Black gel nails can give you cancer.” Or “The black gel polish contains harmful chemicals that can cause birth defects.”

These myths have been around for years, and even though they have been disproven multiple times, people still believe them and spread them around like wildfire. In fact, many people choose to avoid black gel nails altogether because of these frightening rumors.

But don’t let the scare tactics get to you! There is no scientific proof that black gel nails are harmful to your health or the health of your unborn baby. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at two common myths surrounding black gel nails and debunk them once and for all.

When it comes to black gel nails, there are many myths surrounding them. Many people believe that black gel nails are tacky, unprofessional and unattractive. However, many people also think that these types of nails are trendy and stylish. The truth is that black gel nails can be both.

There are many instances when and where black gel nails are appropriate, but there are other times when they should never be worn. Try to understand when and where to wear your nails so you do not end up making a fool of yourself. There is a time and place for everything and if you know when and where to apply your nail polish then you will look great every time you wear them.

The first thing that you need to know about black gel nails is that they are a type of manicure where the nail is covered with a thick layer of acrylic polymer which has been colored with a shiny black color. This type of polish has been around for years and was developed in the 1970s by the Japanese company Nippon Industries who wanted to create a gel like substance that could be used to paint over nail imperfections such as splits, chips or cracks.

When these products first came on the market they were expensive because they were speciality items made in Japan. Today,

Black gel nails are a hot trend right now. You might have seen them on the runway or at your local salon. They’re all the rage, and they can be done in the comfort of your own home. But are they safe?

If you’ve been wondering about this new fad, here’s what you need to know:


This post is a follow-up to my previous post on Black Gel Nails. In the first post, I discussed how to achieve black gel nails and answered some questions about their safety. In this post, I do a quick run-through of common myths about black gel nails.

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MYTH 1: Black Gel Nails are Toxic

Black Gel Nails are not toxic! They contain the same ingredients as coloured gels and most don’t even contain gel pigment, but rather regular nail polish pigments. If you see black gel polish that contains chemicals like formaldehyde or DBP, it’s because it contains regular nail polish pigments which have those chemicals in them – not the gel itself.

MYTH 2: Black Gel Nails Involve More Filing of Natural Nails Than Other Colours

Because you need to do more coats to get a full coverage of the free edge with black gel nails, there is more filing than with other colours – but it’s only 50% more filing than with other colours in my experience.

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