Bring Back The French Manicure Nail

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For those of you who are part of the French Manicure nail loving tribe, we thought we would bring back a little history lesson on where it all started for this trend. This is the year that we focus on the comeback of the French Manicure nail, after almost 20 years. We are bringing it back and giving it some new flare with all the modern trends mixed in.

The French Manicure Nail was first invented in Paris during the 1930s, but became popular during the 1970s when Jeff Pink created a range of products to help achieve this style. The trend was later worn by celebrities in Hollywood and featured on many red carpets, until it eventually made its way over to us here in Australia.

Over time it has evolved into many different colours and styles, but now it is back to its original form: white tips with a nude nail base. Although this is the most popular version, there are many other colours that have been used for this classic style, such as black and even rose gold tips!

The French Manicure Nail has been around for decades and is still in style today. Although slightly subdued compared to its 80’s peak, it is actually making a comeback as one of the hottest new trends on the market.

This blog is dedicated to this classic style of nail art. From tips on how to achieve the look yourself, to examples of some of the best looks you can find.

The trend of the French manicure nail is as old as time. It is a classic style and has been around since the 18th century. In France, they are known as French tips and have been popular ever since their inception.

This trend was first made popular in the 1970s by Jeff Pink, the founder of Orly Nail Polish. At first, people were very hesitant to try this look because it was so different from what we are used to seeing on our nails today.

Today’s modern take on this classic look includes using bright colors like pink and orange instead of white or beige for your tips! These vibrant hues will make any outfit pop with style while still being sophisticated enough to wear day-to-day without looking too flashy.

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to spice up your nails than just using bright colors, try using a metallic nail polish instead! Metals like gold or silver look great with almost any outfit because they blend well into most shades and patterns of clothing.”””

The French Manicure nail is commonly known as the “natural” look, where the tips of the nails are painted white and the rest of the nail is painted a natural color. The French manicure was invented in 1975 by Jeff Pink, founder of Orly, who wanted to create a new look for nails that was natural and clean. It is said that he created this look by improvising with makeup on actress Farrah Fawcett. In 1979, Orly released a kits called the Original French Manicure. This kit contained everything needed to do a French Manicure: four colors, an instruction booklet and application strips.

Today, this style is not very popular anymore because people today like to get creative with their manicures. However, with so many different variations and patterns available it seems that we have come to full circle and are back to just loving the classics!

Mass media has a huge influence on society. In the last ten years, nail art trends have been set by celebrities and reality TV shows. This has resulted in many new ways to express yourself through your nails. The French manicure is one of the most popular looks of all time, yet it hasn’t been up to date in years. Recently, this trend has made a comeback and I’m going to weigh the pros and cons for you.

The purpose of my blog is to inform you about the latest nail trends so you can decide if they’re right for you. I’ll also give tips on how to achieve a particular look, what products are available, and how to use them.

The French manicure has been around for decades but recently it’s been given an upgrade with modern colors such as dark blue and red. Even though it’s not as popular today as it was back then, we still see people wearing this style because they feel comfortable being themselves without trying too hard or feeling like their nails need constant maintenance.

The best way to achieve the classic French manicure look is with white nail polish on top and a clear base coat underneath that will protect against chipping over time (or if your nails are prone to breaking easily). If you’re feeling adventurous

Ever since I can remember, the French Manicure was one of the most popular nail trends. It has been around for over 40 years. The clean look and elegant style flatters every woman’s hands. You could not go to a salon or buy a drug store nail kit without finding this classic style. Then in the late 1980’s early 1990’s the French Manicure seemed to disappear from the market. I could not figure out what had happened to it until about ten years ago when I went into an actual beauty store and found a French Manicure Kit by OPI for $40!! What?? Not only was it hard to find but now it was expensive? So I did without, until about five years ago when I started seeing it at my local drugstores again. Now that it is back and better than ever I would like to share some of my favorite brands with you!

OPI is a well known beauty brand, so it is no surprise they have a French Manicure kit available. It comes in two shades: sheer pink and sheer white. This kit includes two bottles of polish (one pink, one white) as well as the all important tip guide stickers. The OPI brand pricing ranges from $20

French manicures were a major trend in the 90s. Almost every woman got her nails done this way. It was elegant, understated and simple. Celebrities brought it to attention and girls everywhere followed suit. But it lost its popularity over time because of the lack of creativity associated with it. People wanted something new and exciting and they weren’t getting that with this style.

Now, there is a revival happening and it’s just as popular as before! The French manicure is making a comeback, but with a twist! There are so many new ways to make your nails pop out at you. You can add glitter or sparkles to your tips, or you could paint the tips a different color than the rest of the nail. Some people even paint their whole nail one color and then draw on the white tips themselves!

The French manicure is definitely making a comeback in 2017, but with so many variations of it you can really choose what you want!

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