Gel Nail Polish – Not So Painful Anymore

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I really love gel nail polish, but I hate the process of getting it removed. It takes a lot of time and is so painful! I’ve tried everything – cotton balls, tin foil, soaking in acetone until my nail bed is dry and brittle – but nothing has worked well enough to get me to go back to the salon on a regular basis. So when I heard about the new product that can remove gel nail polish at home without damaging your nails, I had to try it out.

My coworker recommended trying it first on my toes since it’s less sensitive than my hands. It was super easy! All you have to do is soak your nails for 3-5 minutes (depending on how many layers), then wipe away the rest of the polish with an alcohol wipe. It took me about 10 minutes total and my nails look pretty good! No chipping or peeling either.

The best part was that I didn’t feel any pain at all during this process, unlike other products I’ve used before which made my skin feel raw afterwards. And since it comes in a convenient travel size bottle, I can take it with me wherever I go so there’s no excuse not to use this awesome new product any time soon!”

Getting rid of gel nail polish was almost as painful as pulling off a band-aid that had been on a few too many days. It’s impossible to forget the first time I tried to remove it. I tried scraping, using acetone and soaking my nails in water. Nothing worked! I decided to give up and get them removed professionally.

But getting them professionally removed wasn’t an easy task either. In order to remove my gel nail polish, the technician actually had to grind it off my nails. What a nightmare!

I thought gel nail polish would make me feel like a princess. When it came time for me to remove it, I felt more like Cinderella scrubbing the floors. It was so painful!

Thankfully, there’s now a way for you to remove your gel nail polish at home – in just minutes!

Introducing: The Gel Nail Polish Remover Tool Kit.

I’m sharing my little secret with you today. I absolutely love getting my nails done. The only problem is that when it comes to gel nail polish removal, I hate the pain that comes along with it. In fact, it’s so bad that sometimes I go months without getting them painted because I just don’t want to deal with the pain and mess of removing the old polish.

Well, not anymore! Thanks to our new product – the Gel Nail Polish Remover Kit – taking off old gel nail polish has never been easier or less painful.

The Kit includes: a bottle of acetone, an emery board, a nail buffer and 20 packets of lanolin lotion. Each packet is enough to remove one coat of polish from your fingernails and toes.*

If you’re like me, you love getting gel nail polish put on. But after a while, it becomes quite a task to remove it. I was recently introduced to an amazing product called ‘Gel Break’ that makes removing the nail polish super easy!

If you have never gotten Gel Nail Polish done and you have been thinking about it- do it! You will love it! When you go to get your nails done, ask for gel nail polish and not acrylic because gel is much better for your nails. Unlike acrylic, Gel Nail Polish isn’t as harsh on your nails and it doesn’t make them brittle; however, there is a downside…it’s a little painful to take off.

I used to take my gel nail polish off by soaking them in acetone for like 20 minutes or so and then I would scrape the nail polish off with an orange stick. It was very time consuming and hard on my nails. Then someone introduced me to ‘Gel Break’ which is a product that makes removing gel nail polish super easy.


You can use any brand of regular nail polish remover but make sure that the cotton balls are soaked in acetone (not regular remover). Next, just clip the Gel Break onto your

Have you ever had gel nails? If yes, then you would know how beautiful they look and how long they last. However, the one thing that most people hate about it is removing the nail polish.

At first, getting the gel nail polish onto your nails seems like an easy task. Even if you don’t get them done at a salon, there are plenty of DIY kits available at drugstores which makes it easier for everyone to do their own gel nails. But when it comes to removing the gel nail polish, we all have to go back to our local salon from where we got our gel nails done in the first place.

Even though beauty trends change rapidly, gel nail polishes are something that stays for a longer time than others. But this can be hectic as well because you can’t really change your mind after it’s done. You have to wait until your nails grow out or until you can see a little bit of growth under your cuticles before removing the gel polish and applying a new one.

If you have experienced the pain of getting gel nail polishes removed from your nails then you already know what I am talking about. It is not only painful but also very time consuming. However, professionals who remove these

Hands are an important part of the body and with gel nail polish, they can look pretty fantastic. However, if you’re like me and have put up with months of regrowth and chip-prone polish, you’ll know how frustrating it is to remove your gel nail polish.

It would be an understatement to say that gel nail polish has become incredibly popular over the last few years. The process has become a staple in many salons across the world as many people choose to get their nails done using this method.

With these nails lasting two weeks or more, it’s no wonder why so many people opt for this treatment. However, one pain point that seems to come up time and time again is removing the nail polish!

When I first got my gel nails done I was told that alcohol could be used to remove the sticky layer that sits on top of the colored polish. However, I was never told about the damage this can do to your nails and skin!

Nail polish is one of the best accessories for women, whether for everyday wear or for a special occasion. But with the everyday wear and constant use, your nails can be damaged from the chemicals and dyes used to create beautiful colors. Gel manicures have become the “new rage” when it comes to nail polish, but there are more than a few downsides to this type of manicure.

Gel nail polish has become all the rage in nail salons across the country over the last few years. With their long-lasting color and shine, gel is considered by many as an improvement over standard nail polish. However, there are several disadvantages to this type of manicure that you should be aware of before you decide on getting one yourself.

The main difference between gel nails and regular polish is that gel nails cure under a UV light while regular polish does not. This means that you will not have to wait as long for your gel nails to dry – they will be ready in just two minutes! The downside is that they are more expensive than regular nail polish and they are also harder on your natural nails since they require more filing down before application.

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