Why Shellac Nails? Five Reasons You Should Try Shellac

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Shellac nails are the latest rage in the nail industry. Shellac is a type of gel that is applied onto your nails. It is then cured using a UV light or LED lamp to seal the polish and dry it down. This new technique has taken manicures from an average of 10-14 days, to 14 -21 days without having a single chip in your nail polish. Here are 5 reasons why you should give Shellac Nails a try!

1. Shellac lasts longer than regular manicures: because of how shellac is cured under the light, it leaves a strong finish on your nail. It also has a protective layer that prevents chipping and peeling of nail polish over time.

2. No more dull nails: shellac polishes come in many different colors and finishes that allow you to play with different looks while still maintaining the protective layer over your natural nails.

3. Allows you to grow out your natural nails: because shellac adds an extra layer on top of your natural nails, it makes them stronger and less likely to break off from everyday use, which will allow you to grow out your natural nails over time!

4. Dries quickly: unlike traditional manicures where you have to wait for each coat of polish to

If we’re honest, most of us must admit that we’ve been disappointed by nail polish at some point or another. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a manicure and pedicure as much as the next person, but I hate how it chips so quickly. Over the years, I’ve tried all of the top-line products like OPI and Essie to try to find a good match for my lifestyle and nails. But none of them could hold up to my active lifestyle as a mom and teacher. That is until I found shellac nails.

What are Shellac Nails?

Shellac nails are the latest trend in manicures and pedicures. While they have been around for some time, they have only recently become popular with women everywhere because they offer a longer lasting shine than traditional nail polish. And because they last so long, you will never have to worry about chipping again!

Shellac nails are a relatively new trend in the world of manicures. Shellac is actually a type of nail polish that is created by the brand CND and is used by professional nail technicians in salons. When applied to the nails, shellac stays on for about two weeks without chipping. This saves you time and money since you do not have to keep going to the salon for touch ups.

When it comes to shellac nails, there are many benefits. Below are five reasons why you should try them out:

1) They dry quickly

The biggest reason most people do not get their nails done because they do not want to wait around while they dry. However, with shellac nails, you can walk right out of the salon without having to wait around at all. The drying time is literally seconds after your nails are done being painted!

2) They stay on longer than regular nail polish

Shellac nail polish stays on for about 2 weeks before needing to be touched up or reapplied. You can go swimming, shower and exercise and your nail polish will still stay on perfectly. This saves you a lot of time in maintenance since you don’t have to keep repainting your nails every few days.


So why shellac? Well, there are five key benefits to shellac nails.

1. Shellac is a polish and gel in one, so it provides the best of both worlds. It can be painted on just like normal nail polish, but is much tougher and more durable. Shellac dries almost instantly under UV light, so there is no need to wait for it to dry.

2. With proper application, Shellac can last for up to two weeks without chipping or peeling, and the shine lasts the entire time.

3. Removing Shellac is easy – as easy as applying nail polish! There is no need to drill or buff the surface of the nail, so your natural nails remain strong and healthy underneath. Just soak them in pure acetone (standard nail polish remover) until they slide right off!

4. With over 45 different colours available there’s a shade to suit everyone’s taste. These colours are vibrant and glossy – more so than any other manicure product on the market today.

5. Best of all: Shellac does not damage your nails! Unlike other professional nail products and some salon techniques, Shellac does not require your nails to be filed down or buffed prior to application, nor does

Shellac nails are the latest innovation in nail technology. Shellac is a blend of gel and nail polish. The result is a very thin, strong layer of gel that protects and strengthens the nail, while still looking like normal nail polish. Shellac is applied like regular polish but it is cured by a UV lamp. This means there’s no risk of smudging or denting when you get your nails done.

Shellac nails are perfect for anyone who wants to grow their nails long, but hates the damage and breakage that often accompanies long nails. Shellac also protects against chipping, making your manicure last up to two weeks without any touch-ups.

Shellac nails will be a game changer for any woman who has ever had to rush back to get her nails redone after chipping them or having them grow out during the course of an event.

You want to try shellac nails because everyone is raving about them. You’ve heard that they are amazing and last forever and you should totally get them. But what exactly are shellac nails? What makes them different from other nail polishes? And why should you try shellac nails?

There are a lot of great reasons to get shellac nails rather than any other manicure. Here’s five of the most important ones:

1. Shellac nails don’t chip or wear away as easily as other nail polishes.

2. Shellac nails are easier to apply than other gel polishes, which means they’re a faster manicure option.

3. Shellac is non-porous, which means it’s more resistant to staining and doesn’t absorb liquids like water. It also means that there’s no need for base coats or top coats when applying shellac–it’s a one-step process!

4. Shellac dries instantly under UV light so you can go on with your day immediately after getting your manicure, without worrying about smudges or dents!

If you are like most women, you probably visit the nail salon regularly for manicures and pedicures. Maybe you are even the type of woman who has acrylic nails applied regularly and wants to have a new set every time you visit your nail salon.

If so, you might consider visiting your nail salon not just for your regular manicure and pedicure but to have Shellac nails applied.

Shellac nails are a new trend in the world of manicures and pedicures. If you haven’t yet heard about them, here’s what they are: Shellac nails were developed by Creative Nail Design (CND) and are a cross between nail polish and gel. They go on like nail polish but last as long as gel nails. In fact, they can last up to 14 days or more with no chipping or peeling.

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