How To Achieve Bridal Nails For Your Wedding Day

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“Bridal Nail Art”

There are so many different nail art ideas to choose from when it comes to your wedding day. Whether you want to go with a classic French manicure or something more elaborate, there’s something out there for every bride. If you need some inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bridal nail art looks below.

“Bridal Nails”

Bridal Wedding Nails: How To Achieve Bridal Nails For Your Wedding Day

Bridal Wedding Nails: How To Achieve Bridal Nails For Your Wedding Day

A blog about nail art related to weddings.

Here are some of the most popular bridal nails:

1. French Manicure: A French manicure is the perfect choice for a natural look that won’t clash with your dress. The best part? It’s easy to do at home! All you need are three basic colors of polish (white, beige/pink/nude) and a steady hand for applying the polish evenly across your nails.

To achieve the look of bridal nails, you must start with a solid foundation. This means providing your nails with a clean and even surface for polish to adhere to, as well as using high quality products.

1. First, begin by soaking your hands in warm water to soften the cuticles. Then gently push back the skin on the nail bed with an orange stick and trim the excess cuticle length.

2. Next, file your nails into a shape that is slightly rounded at the top, while keeping the sides straight. If you have trouble keeping your hand steady while filing, try a nail file guide like The Nail Boss , which helps you easily create professional looking manicures at home.

3. After filing, use a buffer block to remove any ridges or imperfections on the surface of your nails and create a smooth surface that will allow for polish to adhere better.

4. Then use a good quality base coat (I like Orly Bonder ) and apply two coats of white polish (I used OPI Alpine Snow ). Allow each coat to dry for about two minutes. I recommend using an LED lamp to speed up drying time and cure the polish properly so it lasts longer without chipping or peeling from your nail bed.


Achieve a beautiful pink and white ombre french manicure for your wedding day! These nails are perfect for any bride on the go who is looking to DIY their nails. The tutorial is easy to follow and approximately 10-15 minutes per hand.

You will need:

– clear base coat

– top coat

– white sheer polish (e.g., Julep’s Shelly)

– pink sheer polish (e.g., Julep’s Liza)

– Makeup sponge (optional)

Today’s nail art tutorial is for a very simple, elegant and feminine design that would work great for brides-to-be or bridesmaids. This design is so easy to do and only requires two colors, a top coat and a dotting tool.

I have used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as my base color and OPI You Don’t Know Jacques as the accent color.

Start by applying your base color. I have used two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls to get an opaque finish. I have also added one coat of top coat to smooth out the surface of the nail and help with clean up later on.

Take your dotting tool dipped in your accent color and add three large dots towards the tip of the nail (see photo below).

Now take another dotting tool dipped in your dark polish and add three small dots in the center of each of your large dots (see photo below).

Achieve the ombre look using soft pink and white shades.

For this tutorial, we used three Essie colors: Merino Cool, Find Me An Oasis, and Blanc.

Step 1: Apply one coat of Essie Blanc to all nails to create a blank canvas.

Step 2: Once your base coat is completely dry, apply a thin layer of Essie Merino Cool to the top half of your nail.

Step 3: Take Essie Find Me An Oasis and apply it directly below your previous color to create an ombre effect. The exact placement will depend on your nail length and shape, so use the photo as a guide.

Step 4: Repeat steps two and three on each nail.

Step 5: Finish with a top coat!

If you’re searching for a way to make your wedding nails stand out, we’ve got a great idea for you: ombre nails! Ombre nails are where one color fades into another. You can achieve this look with either a pre-made ombre design (which we’ll discuss below) or freehand it.

We’ll show you how to get the look using both methods and provide detailed instructions on how to complete each step.

To start, you will need:

Nail polish (2 colors of your choice)

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