Hot Nail Polish Colors To Hit The Runway This Season

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Hot Nail Polish Colors To Hit The Runway This Season

A blog about the latest nail polish colors designed by famous designers.


Nail color is extremely popular this season and it’s no surprise with all of the new colors, finishes and styles being introduced. There are so many choices that you can choose a different color to suit your mood or style each day of the week. I have compiled a list of the hottest nail polish colors to hit the runways this season so you can stay on trend without breaking your budget.

Hot Nail Polish Colors For Spring 2012

There are so many hot nail polish colors for spring 2012 that it was hard to narrow down my list to just 10! From vibrant pinks and reds to muted neutrals and grays, there is sure to be a shade that’s perfect for you. I’ve found some great options from some of my favorite brands like OPI, China Glaze, Butter London and Essie. Here are some of the top trends for spring nail color:

– Pastels: Soft shades like pink, blue and lavender are perfect for spring. They look great on all skin tones and go with almost any outfit! Try OPI’s “Tickle My France-y” or China

Hot Nail Polish Colors To Hit The Runway This Season

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Hot Nail Polish Colors To Hit The Runway This Season

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that nail polish is the hottest trend this season. It’s no longer just a matter of going to the nail salon and picking a color. Now, there are all kinds of different options. For example, the latest trend is using two coats of polish on each finger. You can also try using a different color on each nail. Some people choose to use an opaque polish as the base color, followed by another layer of clear polish on top. Others like to create geometric designs with their nails by using small pieces of tape or stencils. There are so many ideas out there for fun and interesting nail art.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than these hot nail polish colors from designers around the world.

From left to right: Fendi, Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel, Dior

From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana, Y

It’s not just clothes, hair and makeup trends that are hot for the upcoming season, it’s also nail polish colors. Designers are changing up the runway by adding a splash of color to their models’ nails.

Here is a round-up of some of the hottest colors you’ll see on the runways this season:

Chanel: Green

Essie: Metallic Gray

OPI: Red

Lancome: Blue

Essie: Purple

Deborah Lippman: Black

Deborah Lippman: Gold

Jin Soon: Beige

If you’re looking to upgrade your nail polish collection, you can’t go wrong with these hot new colors for the upcoming season.

The nail polish trends for the summer season will be bright and bold. This is a look at some of the hot nail polish colors that will be all the rage this summer.

A very popular color this spring and summer will be red. Red is a color that has been worn by stars like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Beyoncé Knowles. It is a timeless color that can be worn with most any outfit. It works especially well with black and white outfits.

Red can also be paired with pink for a softer look or paired with plum for a darker look. These colors can be mixed and matched to create even more looks.

For women who want to try a bold new color this summer, yellow is also another hot color. From pale yellow to neon, yellow is a very versatile color that can be as soft or as bold as you like it.

Yellow pairs well with white, black and shades of gray. It can also be paired with green for an island feel or with blue for a more nautical feel.

These are just some of the hot nail polish colors designers are featuring for this season’s hottest looks.

This season’s hottest nail polish colors were inspired by the runways of the Spring 2013 shows. The designers displayed an array of nail polish colors that ranged from classic to bold and daring.

Bold green and blue hues, sexy nudes, and fabulous pastels are among some of the hot nail polish colors that have inspired women all over the world to think outside of the box when it comes to their manicures. It is no longer enough to wear a simple nude or red color on your nails. Fashionistas are encouraged to be creative with their manicures by pairing different colors together and even adding a layer of glitter or sparkles. The days of boring manicures are long gone!

This season’s most popular nail polish colors have been seen on celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj. They are also worn by models for Vogue magazine. New designs for manicures are being created constantly and you can expect to see more new trends as the year progresses.

There are a few colors that are already hot for fall, with some of our favorite designers showing hints of what we can expect to see on the runway. From pops of green to bright bursts of blue and moody maroons, these colors are definitely going to make their way down the runway and onto your nails.

Take a look at some of the colors you can expect to see from top fashion designers this season.

The color green is going to be a huge hit this season. We’re not just talking dark forest greens and emeralds, either. Bright lime greens are going to make an appearance, as well as softer grassier tones. It’s definitely good news for all you lovers of green out there, especially because it seems that this season it’s everywhere!

For those of you who love blues and purples, this season is also looking bright for you. Deep navy blues are going to be popular, as well as violets and periwinkles. However, if you want to follow the trends from the runways then make sure you go with deeper tones rather than light pastels.

If dark blues and purples aren’t really your thing then don’t worry; there is still something for you! Dark reds and purples are

Essie nail polish has been a favorite of beauty experts, celebrities and fashion icons for more than 25 years. Nail polish trends change with the seasons, but the best Essie colors are always in fashion.

Essie polishes come in a wide variety of shades ranging from classic reds to bold blues and everything in between. This season, there are certain colors that are especially popular. They include:

**Ballet Slippers** – This pale pink color is a favorite of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. It is subtle enough to wear every day, but it can also make a statement when paired with a bold outfit or statement jewelry.

**A Crewed Interest** – This orangey-red shade looks great on fingers and toes alike. It was created by Essie Weingarten to commemorate the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

**Play Date** – If you love purple, this is the perfect color for you. It is a light shade that works well on nails of all lengths and skin tones.

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