How To Choose Nail Polish For Different Types Of Nails

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Choosing the right type of nail polish for your nails is very important. If you choose a base that is too thin, it will not last long and you will have to keep replacing it. If you choose a base that is too thick, it will not go on well and your nails will look bumpy. Here are the most popular types of nail polish bases:

Clear Base: This is the most common type of base used by professionals. It allows you to use any color you want without having to worry about the color being too light or too dark.

Thick Base: This is best worn when you are going out or if you are in a very cold place and need some extra warmth. The thick base will also add extra moisture to your nails which helps them grow faster and stronger.

Gel Base: This is best worn when you are going out or if you are in a very cold place and need some extra warmth. The gel base will also add extra moisture to your nails which helps them grow faster and stronger.

There are many different types of nails and it is important to understand what type of nail you have before you choose a nail polish. The better you understand your nails, the more likely it is that you will choose a good quality nail polish that will last a long time.

Nail Polish For Normal Nails

Normal nails are in healthy condition and haven’t been damaged by nail polish removers or harsh detergents or soaps. If you have normal nails, they will be smooth and strong. Applying a base coat over your nails before applying the coloured nail polish will prevent the colour from staining your nails.

Nail Polish For Dry Nails

Nails can become dry when they are exposed to water, detergents, soaps and polishes very often. Dry nails can also occur if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis. Dry nails can also be prone to splitting, peeling, cracking and flaking. If you have dry nails, your best choice would be to use a base coat with vitamin E over your nails before applying the nail colour. This helps to strengthen the nail as well as protect it from getting stained by the colour. A thin layer of cuticle oil over the top of your nails after the colour has been

Nail polish can be a fun way to express yourself. With the variety of colours and finishes, the combinations are endless. But before you get too creative, there are a few things you should know.

First, not every nail polish is made equal. The best nail polishes are high quality and will last longer without chipping or flaking.

Second, not every nail polish finish is meant for every type of nail. Some nail polishes look better on certain types of nails than others. Knowing the different kinds of nails and which finishes look best on each will help you to choose the right kind of polish for your nails.

Third, it’s important to use a good base coat and top coat to give your manicure some staying power. These will help prevent staining and chipping, so that your manicure lasts longer and looks better!

Fourth, there are so many colours out there to choose from! Make sure that you’re picking colours that work well together or complement each other.

Base Coat

Base coat is a clear polish that helps strengthen the nail and creates a smooth, even surface for nail polish to adhere to. This type of base coat can also help your nail polish last longer. You may also find colored base coats, but these don’t have any additional benefit over the colorless one.

Top Coat

On the other hand, top coat is a clear polish that provides shine and protects your manicure from getting damaged, smudged or scratched. When you apply this, it creates a barrier between your nails and everyday wear and tear. Top coats are not just used to protect your nails but also help to create different finishes such as glossy, matte or pearlized.

Nail Hardner

This type of base coat works by using polymers that form a protective layer on the natural nails to make them stronger and less prone to breakage and splitting. Nail hardeners are usually applied once a week and can be worn alone or under nail polish. However, after applying these hardeners if you feel your nails have become brittle or yellowish then stop using it immediately as it may contain formaldehyde which could damage your nails in the long run.

Ridge Filler

As the name suggests ridge fillers help in filling out rid

Nails are very important parts of your body. Your nails help you scratch, pick up small objects and can be used as a form of self defense. You should always keep them clean and attractive because they are an important feature.

If you have acrylic nails or gel nails then it is important that you take care of them. There are different kinds of nail polishes to suit different types of nails. They will determine how long the polish will last on your nails and how much care it needs. Generally there are two types of nail polish: non-glossy nail polish and glossy nail polish.

Non-glossy nail polish is the kind that is most commonly used on natural nails. It gives a matte finish and is easy to apply and remove with a cotton swab dipped in acetone/nail polish remover. To find out if you have acrylic or gel nails, check by gently scratching your fingernails with another fingernail. If it scratches easily then you have acrylic nails and if it does not scratch at all then you have gel nails.

Glossy nail polish is the type that gives a shiny, glossy look to your nails and usually lasts longer than non-glossy ones on any type of nails. This type requires

Nail polish can be a great accessory for your nails. It can protect them from breaking and also help them to dry faster. It is also a great way to help your nails look more attractive. However, it must be applied correctly in order to protect and enhance the health of your nails.

If you are a nail technician and you are doing gel nails, you will need to remove the gel before applying the nail polish. To do this, use a professional grade acetone remover. This will prevent damage to the nail bed and help it to dry faster. Do not use regular nail polish remover because it may cause damage to your nails and will not allow them to dry properly.

When choosing a color for your nails, choose colors that go well with your skin tone and hair color. If you have fair skin, try using pale colors like pinks or pale blues. If you have dark skin, try using darker shades like purples or reds. If you have red hair, try using browns or greens.

Once you have chosen your colors, you need to apply them evenly so that there are no streaks or lines on your nails. When applying the base coat, start at the cuticle area and work towards the tip of your nail bed.


The healthier your nails are, the less likely they are to peel. As a nail technician, I have found that clients who soak their hands in dishwashing liquid every night tend to have very brittle nails. If you do not drink enough water and eat a healthy diet, this can show in your nail health as well.

I generally recommend that my clients try to improve their diet and drink 2 litres of water a day, so that their body can perform all its necessary functions correctly and provide the necessary vitamins for healthy nails.

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