How To Look After Your Nails To Ensure They Last

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We all love our nails to look amazing and last for a long time, but sometimes we don’t know how to take care of them properly. After all, it’s not like we get a nail care manual when we have our extensions or acrylics done! So today we’re sharing our top tips on how to look after your nails to ensure they last.

1. Keep Your Hands Moisturised

This might sound like an obvious one, but it’s so important to keep your hands moisturised! It helps keep the skin around your nails soft and hydrated, which prevents breakages and cracks. Whenever you wash your hands (which is hopefully a lot during this pandemic), don’t forget

to put some hand cream on afterwards. We recommend applying cream after every shower or bath, too.

We all know how expensive it is to get your nails done professionally, especially if you want to maintain a certain look. Whether you’re wanting gel nails or acrylic nails, the price can soon add up. However, there are ways that you can make sure your nails last longer, whether you’re getting them done professionally or even doing them yourself.

If you have decided to go down the DIY route in order to save money, we recommend doing your research on what techniques and products work best for your nail type. A lot of people opt for gel kits because they provide a long-lasting finish and come in many different colours. Whatever type of product you use, here are some top tips on how to look after your nails so they will last:

Your nails naturally protect the tips of your fingers and toes, but they can also be very vulnerable to breakage. By taking proper care of your nails, you can strengthen them and prevent them from chipping or cracking. Whether you bite your nails or use nail polish on a daily basis, it’s important to give your nails the right treatment so they stay healthy in the long run!

Give away that nail biting habit. If you find yourself constantly chewing on your fingernails, try to work on stopping this bad habit. Over time, chewing on your nails will damage them and make them more prone to infection. If you want to break this habit, keep your nails well-trimmed and try to resist biting whenever possible. You can also put a bitter-tasting polish on your nails as a deterrent.

Keep your nails trimmed regularly. Make sure that you trim your fingernails once every two weeks and file them so that they are all the same length. Cutting down long nails will make them less prone to breaking and stop bacteria from accumulating underneath them. You should cut your fingernails straight across, then round off the corners with a nail file. Keep in mind that cutting too deeply into the corners of your fingernails can cause an ingrown

Your nails are an important part of your body. There are many things you can do to care for them. The type of care depends on your nail type and the problem you are trying to cure.

If you have weak, brittle nails, your nails need more moisture. You should keep your hands in water as little as possible and use moisturizer after washing your hands. Wear gloves when cleaning or doing other household chores. Be sure to file nails in one direction only, and always buff them to make them smooth. Use a nail strengthener once a week to help keep nails strong.

If you want longer nails, take biotin supplements daily and use nail growth products that contain vitamins A and E. You can also use nail hardeners that contain formaldehyde, but be sure not to use it too often or it will dry out your nails.

To prevent discoloration, always remove old polish before applying a new color or using a clear polish. Apply sunscreen to your hands before going outdoors for long periods of time to prevent discoloration from the sun’s rays. Also apply hand cream at night so that it can soak into the skin while you sleep.

If you have never had a set of acrylic nails before, then it can be a daunting prospect. There are so many styles to choose from that it can often become confusing to know what to pick. Acrylic nails are usually applied by a technician and there are several techniques that they can use to create the perfect looking nail for your hands and fingers.

Acrylic nails come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. There are some great designs that you can choose from when it comes to these nails, which makes them one of the most popular types of nail polish available. You will find that there are so many options available for you to choose from that choosing the right one for your needs is not hard at all. If you want your acrylic nails to look as natural as possible, then you may want to consider having them applied by a professional technician.

These technicians will be able to use special tools in order to make sure that the acrylics are applied correctly and evenly across the entire surface of your nails. This will ensure that your new acrylics will last you for a very long time without any problems. Once you have had your acrylics done by a professional, you will find that they are very easy to maintain and they look great every single time you wear them.

Nail Care Tips: How to Strengthen Your Nails

Your nails can reveal a lot about your health: A fungal infection often causes nails to become thick and yellow, while white spots and stripes can indicate a calcium deficiency. But there’s one thing we know for sure: If you want strong, healthy nails, you have to start with good nail care.

“The best way to take care of your nails is really basic: Keep your hands and nails clean,” says Dana Stern, MD, a dermatologist in NYC and the founder of Dr. Dana’s Nail Resource Center. “My mom used to tell me that if I washed dishes without gloves, I would get ‘dishpan hands’—and she was right.” In addition to dishpan hands (which also happen to anyone who rubs their hands against anything abrasive), neglecting nail care can cause dryness, brittle nails, peeling cuticles, and infections. Keep reading for the nail care tips experts swear by!

How to Take Care of Nails: Nail Care Tips from Experts

1. Avoid long soaks in hot water.

Hot water dries out your skin and can cause brittle nails, so avoid submerging your hands in hot water for too long

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