Inspiring Nail Art Ideas For Work or Play

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The summer season is winding down, and it’s time to start looking for new nail art ideas for fall. Summer nails are often bright and playful, featuring flower patterns and pastel colors. Fall nails can be a little more subtle, but you can still have fun with the season’s rich color palette.

Fall Nail Art Trends

One of the hottest fall nail trends is marble-effect nails. A marble effect looks like a single piece of marble has been chipped off, revealing several layers of color beneath the surface. You can create this look yourself by applying different colored polishes in thick layers, then using a toothpick or other tool to swirl them around on your nail. This technique might take some practice, so be patient and use it as an opportunity to experiment!

Another hot trend this season is geometric shapes. Geometric nails feature squares, triangles and other shapes that appear in repeating patterns. These shapes are usually cut out of vinyl and then applied to the nail before painting over them with another color. The vinyl creates clean lines that make it easy to create bold designs without having to worry about making mistakes as you paint your nails freehand.

Fall Nail Art Ideas for Work or Play

You don’t need to be a makeup artist or manicur

Here are some hot fall nail art trends perfect for work or play:

1.Black & White (always a classic)

We welcome you to the Fall Nail Color season. The fall is an exciting season for all women because we know that our favorite nail polish brands are going to release several collections of brand new nail colors.

We can’t wait to see what new and unique nail polish shades come out this fall. There is no doubt that we will see a lot of darker, darker green and brown fall nail color trends but hopefully there will be some bright and fun fall nail colors as well.

We are excited to get started with our Fall Nail Color blog and start discussing all of the latest fall nail polish trends, ideas and pictures that we find. We hope you enjoy our site!

Fall is just around the corner!

As we transition from Summer to Fall, we are excited to introduce a fresh assortment of nail lacquers and nail art. This season, it’s all about the many ways you can express your personal style. Our experts will help you pair the latest fashion trends with the perfect nail color and nail art ideas.

Looking for a classic manicure? We have everything you need to achieve a manicure that will last up to two weeks. For the fun at heart, explore our “Pretty in Punk” collection which features an edgy assortment of punk inspired nail art. Or, get creative with our new fall palette of shades to create a custom manicure that expresses your unique style.

Whatever your mood or style there’s a shade and design that’s right for you!

When it comes to choice in nail art, the possibilities are endless. When considering options for fall nail colors, there are so many amazing possibilities from which to choose. From dark and edgy to soft and feminine, you can find the perfect color for just about any occasion.

You may be wondering how you can create your own custom look with a great color choice for fall. Well, it’s easier than you think! Here are some tips to get you started:

-Visit your local salon or spa and see what they have available

-Take advantage of sales at department stores

-Try out different brands at specialty shops like Ulta or Sephora

-Look online if you’re not sure what you want or need

-Ask around and see what other people are doing

-If all else fails, don’t give up! You can always do a quick search online to find the right products for you

Gelly Nail Polish in Mulberry, $6 at Collection 2000

Mulberry is a gorgeous deep berry shade that’s perfect for this fall season. And we love how it looks as a matte nail!

If your office is more on the casual side, then go for this matte trend. It’s subtle, but still very chic.

I love fall nail colors. They are all so rich and saturated – a departure from the soft, pastel colors of spring and summer.

This year, there are a lot of bright pinks and reds, as well as deep greens and blues. Of course, the classic fall color is wine – always appropriate for the season.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fall nail colors and put together a few nail art ideas to get you inspired.

My favorite fall colors:

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