The 5 Minute UV Gel Shellac Manicure, here’s why you should try it

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The 5 Minute UV Gel Shellac Manicure, here’s why you should try it: A blog around shellac manicures and the benefits of this new phenomena.

The UV gel polish is applied just like a traditional lacquer, but is hardened under a UV lamp, which means no air contact or smudging. This means that you get the durability of acrylic nails without any of the damage! In fact, when done by a trained professional, your nails will be stronger and healthier after removing the shellac. The polish lasts for up to three weeks and doesn’t chip easily at all.

The process takes about 5 minutes per nail, so if you have time for a quick trip to the salon during lunch break this could be the thing for you. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to wait for your nails to dry and can continue with your day right away!

You can find a salon near you that offers this service by calling them directly or checking out their webpage. If they don’t offer it yet, ask them if they are considering offering it soon!

The 5 Minute UV Gel Shellac Manicure, here’s why you should try it:

A blog around shellac manicures and the benefits of this new phenomena.

Have you heard of the latest craze in nail technology? It’s called Shellac or Gel Nail polish, and it promises to deliver the toughest manicure ever. You may think your nail varnish is hard wearing but shellac is tough as nails! Chipping? Not this stuff! The beauty industry has been quick to jump on the bandwagon with many salons offering the service, I tried it for myself recently at a salon in Manchester and was blown away with the results.

It’s a cross between a gel and a varnish and comes in over 50 shades. It starts off as a polish but is cured under an LED lamp meaning no drying time, no smudges and no dents. It lasts for up to four weeks without chipping or scratching and is really easy to remove using acetone pads from your local chemist or beauty shop.

The 5 Minute UV Gel Shellac Manicure, here’s why you should try it:

If you love to get your nails done but don’t have time to constantly visit the salon or if you are guilty of biting your nails and want them to grow longer and stronger then the new process of a UV gel manicure is for you. Here is a breakdown of what this process is and why it’s worth the extra price to get your nails done.

Shellac is a new brand of nail polish that was created by Creative Nail Design. The shellac polish can be applied in the same way as regular nail polish application with the added step of putting your hands under a UV light in between each layer of shellac. This process results in a long lasting manicure that can last up to 2-3 weeks before any chipping or peeling begins to occur. The UV light dries the shellac polish instantly so there is no need to worry about smudging or accidentally bumping your nails while they dry. It also helps harden the polish which results in less chips and less likely hood that the polish will peel off at all.

The benefits of getting this type of manicure are endless. You won’t have

Shellac is a breakthrough, patent-pending, UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear color, Shellac goes on like polish and wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine. No other product in the market can stand up to the claim.

The 5 Minute UV Gel Shellac Manicure

If you think a gel manicure is too time consuming and expensive, then you haven’t heard about the 5 minute Shellac Manicure. This revolutionary treatment takes half the time of a normal gel manicure, doesn’t require any filing or buffing and lasts for up to 2 whole weeks! This new technique is taking the beauty industry by storm here’s why you should try it:

No more filing or buffing:

Gel manicures have always been great because they last longer than normal nail polish but they also require a lot of preparation before the gel can be applied. Filing and buffing your nails weakens them and over time can cause them to break and damage so this new technique removes this step completely. You still get a full set of beautiful nails without having to worry about damaging your natural nails.

Shellac nail polish is a revolutionary product that allows you to have a long lasting manicure for up to 14 days. The polish goes on like a regular polish, but dries like a gel under an LED light and will not smudge. Shellac is removed with no damage to your natural nail by soaking the nails in a cotton pad soaked with pure acetone for 10 minutes.

The 5 Minute UV Gel Shellac Manicure: The benefits of this new phenomena are endless. You can say goodbye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to the most incredible mirror finish.

Shellac is not just for your fingers, this amazing product can be used on your toes too!

With over 100 colours to choose from you are sure to find something perfect for every occasion.

I’ve been a little bit late to the Shellac party. I have tried gel nails in the past and never really like them much, they always seemed to be more hassle than they were worth and they would chip within a day or so of having them done.

But when I heard that a new gel manicure had hit the market, called Shellac (by CND) which promised to last for 14+ days and wouldn’t damage your nails, I had to try it!

I was on holiday when I first saw it being offered at a salon, so I tried it out there. The Salon was called Blue Lagoon Spa and the manicurist was very professional. She did my nails and gave me some advice about how to look after them.

Normally I go for a french manicure with a little bit of sparkle around the top edge but decided to try something different, although it wasn’t until after she had finished that I realised that although the shape and colour were nice, there were no sparkles or gems on my nails – this was definitely going to take some getting used to!

Shellac is the brand name for a new, patent-pending nail product created by Creative Nail Design (CND). It’s a cross between nail polish and gel. Applied like regular nail polish but without the strong chemical odor and with a curing time of two minutes in LED light or four minutes in UV light, it is removed with pure acetone and cotton balls.

What makes Shellac different from other gel manicures? Shellac has several benefits over traditional gels. Gels must be buffed off, which can weaken nails, whereas Shellac is simply soaked off of nails. The removal process with Shellac also takes half the time as that of other gels. In addition, this new formula contains no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP (phthalates).

The best news? Once you get your first Shellac manicure you won’t need to change your nails for up to 14 days. You’ll be able to see how durable your nails are and how great your manicure looks for much longer than usual. You’ll forget about chipping and smudging and you’ll finally have the long lasting beautiful nails you’ve always wanted!

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