The 5 Nail Trends for 2017

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The top nail trends for 2017 are all about color, shape, and shine. If you’re looking to try something new this year, these five looks are the way to go.

First, there’s chrome nails. You can take your pick between a soft-metallic rose gold or a high-shine silver. Next is negative space nails. This look creates an illusion that your nails are longer than they really are by painting only part of the nail and leaving the rest bare. Third is glitter gradient nails. This trend combines two of our favorite things: glitter and ombré. Fourth is sheer pastels. This trend is perfect for when you want a subtle nail look with a little bit of color. Last but not least is glossy black nails. Black polish is making a comeback this year and we couldn’t be happier.

So what will it be: chrome, negative space, glitter gradient, sheer pastel or glossy black?

If you’re on the lookout for a new style to try out, look no further than these five nail trends that are going to be huge in 2017.

The first trend is nude nails. Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery (15-0343 TCX), which is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. But if you’re not into green, don’t worry as there are plenty of other nude shades that are popular for 2017.

The second trend is bold colours. Bright colours have been hot for quite some time now but this year we’ll see new colours like pink, orange and blue replacing the traditional reds and purples. These bright shades will either be worn alone or combined together with other bright hues in eclectic nail art designs.

The third trend is negative space nail designs. Negative space nail art was big in 2016 but it’s still going strong for 2017 as well. negative space art can be done in different ways, like with geometrical lines, shapes or patterns – just keep in mind that the most important part of creating a negative space design is being able to paint clean straight lines with your non-dominant hand!

You want to keep your nails looking fresh and trendy in the new year. The good news is that these five nail trends are going to be everywhere in 2017. From “glitter ombre” to “nail tattoos,” you’re about to have your pick of the litter.

On Monday, Nail Sunny, a popular Russian nail salon, shared a video on Instagram that featured a colorful tutorial for what they called “pink nail art.” The look was inspired by Kylie Jenner’s baby pink manicure from late December. It starts with a light pink base coat, followed by a darker metallic shade over the ring finger. Then, it’s time for glitter — lots and lots of glitter.

Nail Sunny’s caption for the video reads: “We tried to create something like this but never have expected it will be so similar! We are happy Kylie liked our idea!”

While Kylie has yet to comment on the mani herself, it’s safe to say this look is going viral — and fast.

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Nail art has been around for thousands of years, like in ancient Egypt where citizens used different colors to distinguish their social status. Now, nail art has returned to the modern world and has become a staple in any fashionista’s routine.

Here are 5 trends that we can’t get enough of this year:

1. Nude Nails

Nude nails have been all over the runway. They never go out of style and are perfect for everyday wear. Just remember to match your shade with your skin tone!

2. French Manicure

French manicures are not going anywhere anytime soon. The classic look is being revamped with a variety of colors and designs. Our favorite french manicure? A simple white tip with a nude base coat!

3. Metallic Accents

Metallic nails have become more popular as 2017 unfolds. Silver, gold, and copper shades are just a few metallic choices to try out this summer!

4. Negative Space Art

Get creative with negative space art! You can use stickers or tape for a geometric look or freehand designs for something more artistic!5. Glitter AccentsGlitter is here to stay! You can add glitter accents to any nail color or use glitter polish by itself for a glamorous look!

It’s time to ditch your dark nail polish hues and go for a fresh, lighter look for spring. This season, the pink nail trend is making a comeback, but with more pizazz than ever before.

Here are five ways to get in on the fun:

1. The Pink French Manicure

The French manicure is making a comeback, and we’re all about it. This updated version of the classic white tip features a soft pink nail color with a chic white tip. The two colors beautifully complement one another, creating an elegant look that works well for any occasion.

2. The Pink Ombre Nail

Remember when women used to have their hair dyed with ombre effects? Well, that same look has made its way to nails this season! Try mixing two different shades of pink to create a subtle pink ombre effect. A light and dark shade work the best for this design, but you can also use different colors if you want some more fun with your look!

3. The Pink Negative Space Nail

A negative space manicure adds some dimension to your look by showing off your natural nail color through a stencil. You can do this by painting your nails solid colors and adding

Pink is the nail colour of the season and there are so many ways to wear it. From pastels to brights, we’re seeing pink everywhere. So if you’re looking for a way to update your nails for the new season, why not try one of these pink nail art designs.

Stick on Nails

These stick-on nail designs are a great way to get the look without having to wait for your nails to dry. It’s a quick fix that lasts up to 14 days with no chipping or fading. Try mixing and matching different shades or just opt for one uniform colour. Perfect for when you need that mani in a hurry!

But there has been a shift, and this season nail art is back—and it’s going to be huge. We’re talking about one-of-a-kind nails that require a lot of patience and attention to detail.

The biggest trend is eye-catching nail art—from flowers to bedazzling, anything goes. “I think nail art is going to be all about the details,” says celebrity manicurist Elle. “It should look like you spent hours on your hands.”

And while you can’t go wrong with a classic French manicure or even a more modern take on it by adding a pop of color, this season it’s all about keeping it fun and interesting—with accents of gold leafing and 3D embellishments.

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