The Cautionary Tale of Nail Polish

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Welcome to The Cautionary Tale of Nail Polish. This site is dedicated to the dangers of nail polish and the natural alternatives. Many people are unaware that nail polish can be harmful to their health and I want to raise awareness about this issue. The main ingredient in nail polish, toluene, has been linked to developmental defects in infants, adverse neurological effects and kidney damage. Toluene is also a common asthmatic trigger.

I’ll post updates about new research on this topic, links to other sites with helpful information and reviews of natural nail polishes.

I have also included some recipes for natural nail polishes using food ingredients you may already have in your kitchen!

Nail polish is one of the most toxic beauty products on the market today. Most traditional brands contain chemicals that are associated with cancer, birth defects, and other serious health problems.

Luckily, there are safer alternatives to these toxic nail polishes. This blog was created to help people find healthier options for their nails!

Nail polish is full of toxic chemicals that can cause a wide range of health problems. Many women choose to paint their nails on a regular basis without knowing the risks. Nail polish contains many toxic chemicals that are absorbed into the body through the nail or inhaled as fumes. The effects of using nail polish may be mild, but for some it can result in serious complications.

Some ingredients in nail polish such as acrylics and formaldehyde are known carcinogens and have been linked to many forms of cancer. Other ingredients like ethyl acetate, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and toluene have been linked to breathing difficulties and possible damage to the brain and nervous system.

One of the main reasons women paint their nails is to make them look pretty, but they are actually damaging them in the process. This is because the chemicals we put on our nails seep into our skin, causing our nails to become weak, thin and brittle.

Nails can yellow- regardless of your nail color preferences-because of what you put on them! Have you ever wondered why your nails start yellowing when you’re wearing black nail polish? That’s because dark colors will stain your nails before removing them, which isn’t so bad for fake nails

For many of us, painting our nails is a part of our daily routine. From running errands to meeting clients, we rely on nail polish and nail art to polish off our look. But have you ever wondered about the ingredients that are going on your nails?

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), some of these ingredients can be quite harmful. Unfortunately, nail polish companies are not required to disclose their full list of ingredients. So it’s not always easy to know what’s in your favorite bottle of polish.

Certain chemicals found in nail products have been linked to hormone disruption and cancer. The National Cancer Institute has even said that women who regularly paint their nails have a higher risk of developing cancer because the toxins in the polish enter into their bloodstream through the skin and nails. In addition, some manufacturers add plasticizers (chemicals that keep polish from becoming brittle) that may cause reproductive and developmental harm.

Just about every woman loves to have her nails painted. And if you are reading this, I can tell that you are one of those women. But what kind of nail polish do you use? Are there certain chemicals in the polish that may be harmful to your health?

The average woman spends approximately $1200 a year on nail care and treatments. This includes manicures, pedicures, and other salon issues. So many women are willing to spend so much money on their hands and feet because they want to look beautiful.

Nail polish is pretty easy to apply, doesn’t cost too much money, and comes in a large variety of colors. It can be used for special occasions or just for everyday wear. But is the price paid for beauty too high?

Natural nail color goes in and out of style, but is always a great look for nails. The key to this style is keeping your nails natural looking and not too thick or long.

Here are some steps to create a natural look:

Start with a clear base coat on the entire nail. Use your first coat as a base to keep the polish from yellowing your nails.

Apply two coats of polish in the shade closest to your skin tone. This will give your nails a natural appearance.

Finish with a clear top coat to protect the polish and make it last longer.

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