The Nails You See Ain’t the Nails You Get

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Hello and welcome to the new blog I created called The Nails You See Ain’t the Nails You Get: A blog about how fake nails look before you get them and after you get them to get a more realistic idea of how they will look on you.

Well I am very excited to start this blog! I have been getting acrylic nails for almost 2 years now and I love them so much!! It is so nice to have nice looking nails all the time. It makes me feel like I have it all together even when I don’t.

This was my first time getting gel nails. The nail technician told me that it would last longer than the acrylic and that it wouldn’t chip as easily. IT DID!! I am planning on going back for another set because they looked so beautiful and lasted a lot longer than my acrylic ones.

This post is a continuation of our previous post called The Nails You See Ain’t the Nails You Get where we reveal that fake nails look very different when worn by someone other than the model in the product’s photo.

If you are looking at fake nails but are not sure if they will look good on you, here is some advice we can give you:

The nails you see ain’t the nails you get!

Most companies use professional models with flawless hands to show off their product. Even if the company states that the nails are for short or long nails, most likely they will look best on a medium length nail.

Many people have emailed us asking us how our products look on different nail lengths, so we’ve compiled this blog post to show you that fake nails do not always have to be long and pointy to look great.

To help everyone see what length and shape looks good on each person and how it can vary from one person to another, we have gathered a few photos of real customers who have purchased products from our website. You can see how they look before and after applying them as well as view their nail shape (square, oval, round, etc.) and nail length (short, medium, long).

We all have at least one friend who ALWAYS has on the perfect nails. Well, you can be that girl too! Gels are a great way to get your dream nails but there is a whole lot more to them than they seem. Here are some things to consider when getting gels:

Forget about dirt, grime and grease. The gel manicure is the only way you can go from the nail salon to gardening without having to worry about ruining your nails. A gel manicure will last for up to two weeks without chipping, smudging or dulling. On top of that, you can use your hands for just about anything without fear of damaging your nails.

Gel manicures may sound intimidating but there’s no reason to fear them! Even if you’ve never tried gels before, this post will help you understand everything you need to know about getting a gel manicure and why it’s such a great option for most people.

A blog dedicated to all things gel manicures: It’s the only way you can go from the nail salon to gardening without having to worry about ruining your nails.

In the last three months, I have received an overwhelming number of requests for gel manicures. The majority of clients seem to be interested in the ease of maintenance and longevity of the service. There are many benefits to receiving a gel manicure as well as some downsides. Hopefully, this article will clear up some misconceptions about gel polish and gel manicures.

First off, what is a gel manicure? Gel polish is a product that is used to create your manicure. It is cured under a UV lamp or LED light and then used in conjunction with a base coat, top coat, and color of your choice. The results are beautiful nails that are dry instantly and very durable.

The advantages of having a gel manicure are many: they last up to two weeks without chipping or peeling; they dry instantly; they resist fading; they cure under light exposure so there is no risk of smudging your nails after you leave the salon; they come in a wide variety of colors that are easily interchanged with the next season’s color trends.

Gel polish can also be removed quickly without damaging your natural nails. This allows you to change nail art or color more often than if you had applied regular polish and allowed it to grow out.

In this article I am going to talk about the process of getting acrylic nails and some of the different types of acrylic nails there are.

Acrylic nails can be applied by a manicurist or you can do it yourself with practice and patience. Acrylic nails are a combination of liquid monomer and powder polymer that creates a hard protective layer over your natural nails. There are two types of acrylic, one that is made into pre-made forms that fit on top of your natural nail and the other is applied directly onto your nail from a brush (the liquid/powder combo). The pre-made forms can be purchased at various beauty supply stores. They typically come in about 100 different sizes to fit any nail. The liquid/powder comes in a kit, which usually includes an acrylic liquid, an acrylic powder, and a primer. The powder is available in clear, pink for french manicures, white for french manicures, and colored powders for different designs. Also included are tips that can be glued to the end of your natural nail if you want length.

The best time to get acrylics is when you have a special occasion coming up or just want to treat yourself to something nice. Acrylics last approximately two weeks before they need to be filled

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