Tips for Winter Nails

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Winter nails, like their owner’s body, need special attention and care.

With the cold season upon us, your nails will feel the effects of low temperatures and humidity. They may become dry and brittle, making them prone to cracking and breaking.

In order to maintain strong and hydrated nails through this cold season keep these tips in mind:

1. Stay away from regular hand soaps as they can dry out your nails. Instead, use a soap that is labeled moisturizing or hydrating. If you’re in a pinch you can use shampoo to wash your hands! If you have some extra time on your hands I recommend making your own hand wash using essential oils (such as coconut oil or lavender) and natural ingredients (such as honey).

2. When washing dishes always wear gloves to protect yourself from the hot water and chemicals found in dish soap.

3. Try not to bite your nails or pick at them with your teeth as it makes them weak and susceptible to breaking or infection.

4. Apply hand lotion every day after washing your hands (and more often if needed). Pay special attention to the cuticles as they tend to get very dry during winter months. Whenever possible apply a cuticle oil directly on your cuticles at

While we are all stuck in this winter season, it is important to remain positive and embrace the snow. It is also important to take care of ourselves and our nails through these cold months. Here are a few tips to help maintain your nails healthy this season:

1. Keep your nails short. It may be tempting to let your nails grow long in the winter months, however, allowing them to grow too long can cause them to become brittle and break more easily.

2. Use cuticle oil every day. If you have not used cuticle oil before, now is the time to start using it! Cuticle oil helps keep your nail bed moisturized and can also help prevent hangnails and ridges in your nails.

3. Apply cuticle cream after washing your hands or showering (or both). Dry skin causes ridges in your nails and makes them appear dull. To help prevent dry skin, apply a thick coat of cuticle cream onto each nail after washing or showering with hot water (and before applying lotion)

4. Invest in a good base coat. A good base coat can protect your nail from staining while also giving it a smooth surface on which to paint polish

The chill of the winter season is upon us, and this can have a negative impact on fingernails. However, with a few basic tips not only will you be able to maintain your nails, but make them look great at the same time!

First of all, as the temperature gets colder, your nails are going to become more brittle. The main way to combat this is by using lotion every day. Lotions are a great way to moisturize dry skin and nails. Just wash your hands with warm water and soap and then apply some lotion to the surface of your hands and nails to lock in the moisture.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the food you are eating. Foods such as fish and eggs are good for keeping your nails healthy. In addition, drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help keep your fingernails hydrated. This can be achieved by carrying around a water bottle or keeping one at your desk while you’re at work!

Finally, manicures are an essential component of keeping your nails looking great in the winter months. You should consider a French manicure or neutral color so that they can easily match with anything you wear while also making you look more classy!

Winter nails can be a hassle to maintain. They are prone to breaking and chipping, making them look dull and unhealthy. A french manicure is a great way to keep your nails looking nice and healthy. Follow these steps to get a wonderful looking manicure at home.

1. Start by trimming your nails down and then filing them into the desired shape.

2. Push back your cuticles with a cuticle stick and then massage moisturizer over your hands and nails.

3. Buff your nails lightly with a nail buffer block to remove any ridges or bumps in the surface of your nails.

4. Next, apply two coats of a sheer pink polish, such as Essie’s “Cotton Candy” or OPI’s “Sweetheart.” Let dry for five minutes after each coat is applied.

5. Once the polish is dry, use a white nail art pen, like Sally Hansen’s “White On,” or a small paint brush and polish to create the french tip lines on each nail. Make sure to let this dry completely before moving on to the next step!

6. Finally, apply one coat of Seche Vite Top Coat, or another top coat of your choice, to seal in your freshly painted tips!

Winter weather is harsh on your nails. In order to stay healthy and strong through the winter, follow these tips for keeping your nails in great shape:

1. Moisturize your cuticles with a cuticle oil or cream every day to keep them from drying out and breaking.

2. When you are washing dishes, wear gloves to protect your hands and nails from water exposure.

3. Keep your nails short during the winter so they aren’t prone to breakage as much as long ones would be.

4. Drink lots of water! Hydration is essential for healthy nails and skin.

In the winter time it is important to take care of your nails. You must use lotion and cuticle creme daily to protect them from the cold. If you don’t they might break or crack. Also, if you wear acrylics, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water every time you come inside from the freezing cold. If you have gel nail polish on, use a heat lamp that shines UV light to get them dry fast.

A French manicure is a chic, polished look that always looks appropriate. The design is classic and clean. It’s perfect for work, school and play. A French manicure is a great way to express your personal style without being too loud. It’s subtle and it goes with everything.

To get the look at home, first use a good quality base coat on your nails. Allow the coat to dry thoroughly before moving onto the next step.

Next, apply two coats of white nail polish to the tips of your nails and down about 1/4″ into your nails. Make sure that you allow each coat to dry completely before moving onto the next one.

You can use regular nail polish or nail lacquer to achieve this look, but using a lacquer will give you more shine and a smoother finish.

Then apply either clear nail polish or a pink colored lacquer to all of the rest of your nails (not the tips where you painted white). Allow this coat to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Finally, smooth out any rough edges on top of your nails with a buffer or some fine grit sandpaper. Use it gently so that you don’t sand off any of your white tips in the process!

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