Want a Dip Manicure? We Offer the Largest Variety

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If you want a dip manicure, we offer the largest variety. You can choose from among our many options, including french tips and hand painting.

If you don’t know what a dip manicure is, here is a brief explanation. Dip powder is made up of polymers and resins that provide your nails with a durable and shiny coating. The best part? You don’t have to worry about ruining your manicure by smudging it as it dries.

We offer over fifty different colors, ranging from classic reds to bright greens to glitters and metallics. We also offer hand painted designs for occasions such as weddings or proms.

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Have you ever wondered what a dip manicure is? At Beauty Divas, we offer the largest variety of dip colors and designs. If you are looking to get your nails done, come to Beauty Divas today!

A dip manicure is an alternative to getting acrylic nails. It is a powder that hardens over your natural nail. The powder coats your nail, giving it length and strength without looking fake. You can also customize them with different colors and designs to match any outfit.

We have over 150 colors at Beauty Divas, so we will have the perfect color for you. Our colors range from bright and vibrant to dark and neutral colors so that you can match any outfit or style. We also have different designs such as glitter, marble, and ombre for you to choose from.

Beauty Divas has been in business for 20 years. We have friendly staff members who will help pick out the best color for you, and we never make you wait long to start your appointment because we know how valuable time is!

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Dip powder manicures are the hottest trend in town and we offer the largest variety at our salon. If you’re looking for a trendy new manicure that will last, look no further. Dip powder manicures are an alternative to traditional gel and acrylics that don’t require a UV/LED light to cure, which can harm your nails over time. The process is also quicker than gel or acrylics and there is less chance of damage to your natural nail.

What is a dip powder manicure?

A dip powder manicure is a type of manicure that uses colored power instead of polish. The process begins the same way as a normal manicure but instead of drying under a UV lamp, each nail is dipped into a colored powder and then sealed with clear top coat polish.

Dip powder by definition is made up of ethyl methacrylate (EMA) monomers. EMA has been found to cause skin irritation and allergies when exposed to it in large quantities. Therefore, dip powder is best used sparingly, similar to acrylics, as it can cause damage when used too often.

Dip manicures have been the hottest trend in nail salons. The color and design options are endless. But, what is a dip manicure?

If you love gels but hate the UV lights, a dip manicure is for you! Dipping systems use a special powder which does not require light curing. The purpose of this blog is to explain everything about dip powder manicures so that you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

What Is a Dip Manicure?

A dip powdered manicure is a type of manicure that uses a special powder to create a beautiful nail design. This method requires no UV light curing, which makes it healthier than gel nails, and it lasts just as long! It includes all of the steps to get your nails looking their very best: filing, buffing, shaping and painting.

In the world of manicures, there are many options. One of the hottest trends right now is dip nails. Not only are they long-lasting, but they also give you a clean, professional look. To get a better idea of whether they’re right for you, here are some things to consider:

What is a dip manicure?

Dip manicures involve dipping your nails into a colored powder. This powder is then brushed on and air-dried to give you the perfect color. It’s quicker than gel and lasts longer than regular nail polish. You also have more options for colors and designs.

A dip manicure is the newest form of manicures that’s taking over the beauty industry. Dip manicures are a great alternative to acrylics and gels. They look amazing but don’t require any tools for application. The best part about this type of manicure? You can do it at home!

What Is a Dip Manicure?

A dip manicure is like a gel polish but without the curing lamp and without the damage to your nails. It’s applied in three steps: base coat, dip powder, and top coat. Each layer is cured under an LED lamp for thirty seconds per layer. It’s best to use an LED lamp for this type of manicure because it will last longer than one done with a UV lamp.

How Does It Work?

When you put on a base coat of polish, it soaks into your nail plate and acts as a bonding agent between your nail and the powder that comes next. After applying the base coat, you dip your nails into a jar filled with different colored powders (one color per finger). Then, you brush off any excess powder with a soft brush or dryer sheet before putting on another layer of clear polish over them all again followed by another thirty-second drying session under an LED

Dip manicures have been around for a while and we’ve been in love with the look for the past several months. In case you haven’t heard, a dip manicure is a way of painting your nails that uses powder instead of polish. You can choose from either sheer colors (which are perfect for French manicures) or more vibrant colors (that actually look like gel polish).

As with every nail trend, dip manicures have some pros and cons that you should consider before choosing this type of mani/pedi over gel or another option.


Dip manicures dry fast.

Dip manicures don’t require UV or LED lights to dry, so they’re safer than gel polish.

Dip manicures are easy to remove—just soak your nails in acetone, and the powder will slide right off without damaging your nails!

Dip manicures last up to 2 weeks and don’t chip as easily as regular nail polish.


You can’t just do a dip manicure at home like you would with regular nail polish—you need to go to a salon and have an expert apply it for you.

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