Weekly Nail Trends

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A blog about the most newly released trending nail polish colors and products.

What trends are in? What trends are out? We will keep you up to date with the latest in nail fashion.

Nail trends come and go very rapidly. You can’t always trust what you see on Instagram and Pinterest to be still relevant by the time you’re ready to try it out for yourself. That’s why we’ve created Powder Nails; a blog dedicated to keeping you up to date with all of the latest nail trends and tutorials.

We only work with top nail artists and technicians across the U.S., so we guarantee that our content is always fresh, fresh, fresh!

It’s time for another weekly nail trend as we head into the holiday season. This week we’re bringing you a green sparkly top coat from Nails Inc, an easy-on glitter from Julep, and a fast-drying polish from Essie.

Essie’s “Turquoise and Caicos” is bright, cheerful and will make your nails look ready for summer in no time. It goes on smoothly and dries fairly quickly, but it takes two coats to avoid streaks. We tried it with Sally Hansen’s “Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Top Coat” and it lasted almost a week without chipping or smudging.

Nails Inc.’s “St Martin’s Lane” is a glittery green that goes on easily over any color you want, but we recommend layering it over black or navy so the color really pops.

Julep’s “Kori” is a glittery topcoat with long strokes of green glitter running through it; it looks best over another coat of dark green polish like Nails Inc.’s “Baker Street.” It is easy to apply, though you may have to add more than one coat to get full coverage.

Powder nails are a revolutionary new way to get long lasting and stronger nails. Dipping powder is the new acrylic! Get a gel-like manicure that lasts longer with less damage to your natural nails.

This service will be available in the salon starting March 29th, 2019! The service will include a gel manicure plus a dip powder application on top. Once you’re ready to change your color, we will soak off the dip powder, trim and file your nails, and add another dip powder of your choice!

The service includes your choice of a base coat, nail lacquer color, activator polish and sealant polish with a complimentary hand massage. All for only $30!

Why get this service?

• Strengthens your natural nails with no sculpting or molding

• No unpleasant monomer odor

• Won’t chip or lift

• No need for an LED/UV light

• Long lasting (up to 4 weeks)**

* Additional charges may apply if there is extensive work needed on the hands or feet.

** With proper aftercare.

Powder Nails – is the work of nail art. This type of manicure is able to make your nails look attractive. Powdering technique does not require prior preparation and modeling, as it allows you to create a design directly on the nail bed. The main thing is that the nail has a perfectly flat surface, so it will be much easier to apply a coating on it.

Advantages of powdering nails:

• You can use them both for short and long nails

• There are no restrictions on the shape of nails, since the coating is applied directly to the nail plate

• In this case, you do not need to cut the cuticle, because covering will hide all imperfections.

• It can be applied on its own or in combination with varnish and gel lacquer.

In addition, using powdering technique you can create different drawings and patterns on your nails. In this case, they will not be washed off for a long time and will delight your eyes for several weeks.

Powder nails are the newest trend in nail art and beauty. This new powder is called dip powder. It’s a special powder that you dip your nails into. The powder is made out of the same material as acrylic, but the results look like gel. Dip powder is easy to apply and is long lasting. You can also get better results with less effort than other manicure techniques.

This week we share our thoughts on the new Essie Winter 2015 Collection. It’s a gorgeous set of 6 colors that are perfect for the Christmas season and beyond.

Essie has really outdone themselves this time with an array of beautiful shades, ranging from light pastel pinks to deep shimmering blues. The collection includes:

Bobbing for Baubles (Deep Blue Shimmer)

Chubby Cheeks (Light Pastel Pink)

Coat Azure (Dark Denim Blue)

Fiji (Pale Milky Pink)

Marshmallow (Creamy White)

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck (Dark Gray Purple)

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