Why is the Health and Beauty Industry so Frustrating?

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I have worked in the Health and Beauty industry for 10 years and it continues to frustrate me.

Why is the industry so frustrating? There are several reasons and I will try to explain them to you.

The first reason why the Health and Beauty industry is frustrating is because it is not regulated enough. Meaning, there are many qualified people doing great work out there but there are also some people who are unqualified performing services with very little knowledge of proper safety procedures. There are two ways to be qualified as a nail technician. The first way is to go to a formal beauty school which is either privately owned or part of a community college program. These schools generally cost between $5k-$10k but can also be as much as $50k in some cases. At the end of this course, you will have learned about hygiene, sanitation, nail diseases and disorders, anatomy of the hand and nail, nail product chemistry, salon business, manicuring/pedicuring, sculptured nails, gel nails, acrylics, tips etc. In other words – a LOT of stuff! You will also receive a certificate that shows that you’ve completed all the courses required by your state’s Board of Cosmetology.

The second way to become a nail technician is

What is it about the health and beauty industry that makes it so frustrating? Salons, spas and clinics all offer great services, but there is a huge disconnection between the experience we have as customers and the experience we dream of having.

The business owners are frustrated. They want to build a business that will provide them with time and money freedom, but they just aren’t getting the results they desire. They work long hours for less return than they should be getting. Many of them feel trapped in their business because it doesn’t deliver enough money to support them living the life they want to be living. They can’t seem to get ahead, no matter how hard they work or how many hours they put in. And it’s not just about the money – these business owners have lost touch with their passion and purpose for being in business. The dream is becoming a nightmare.

The employees are frustrated. They didn’t get into the industry because they wanted to be selling products or services all day long. They got into it because they love what they do – cutting hair, applying makeup, giving massages, doing nails etc… But when you work in someone else’s business, you don’t get to do what you love for very long each day – your time is

The health and beauty industry is a vast and complex world. It includes many disciplines and jobs, from makeup artists to nail technicians to body waxers.

Unfortunately, the industry is lacking in many ways. It is not a regulated industry and many people have found themselves working in places that were not what they expected.

The Nail Salon Industry has been under the microscope of late due to an article in the New York Times which exposed some of the darker side of this business. This led to a lot of media attention, petitions to regulate the industry, new laws being passed and even a documentary being made about it.

I am going to talk about why this industry is so frustrating for those who work in it and why it needs more regulation.

There are many problems within the beauty industry such as pay and working conditions. This is especially true in nail salons where there have been reports of workers being paid as little as $30 per day for 10-12 hour shifts, sometimes even longer than that.”’)

The health and beauty industry, for all its promises of beautiful hair, glowing skin, and toned bodies, can be incredibly frustrating. We’re promised so much from the products we buy, but rarely get the results we want. I’ve been in this industry for over a decade now and have seen a lot of customers come and go. It seems to me that most women (and men) are just looking for answers.

Over the years I’ve heard it all. Women who are frustrated because they just don’t know what to do to finally achieve the look they want. Men who are confused because they feel like they should know how to take care of their skin by now but still end up with breakouts or dull skin. There are even those who think they already know everything there is to know about beauty products and techniques but still aren’t happy with their appearance.

I’m here to tell you that I understand! I’ve been there too! As a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician, I’ve spent countless hours trying out new products and techniques in hopes of finding something that will make me feel more beautiful inside and out. If you’re reading this blog post then chances are you’re feeling some of these same frustrations yourself which is why I’ve decided to

The health and beauty industry is full of frustration. You can’t get an appointment at that new salon in town, or you can’t get the color you want from your usual stylist, or you’re taking a trip somewhere and need to find a new manicurist quickly. Or maybe you don’t know where to start looking for someone new.

You may be the best at what you do, but if no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter. You need customers.

I have been in this industry for over 20 years and have seen so many talented artists leave the industry because they couldn’t find work. They say they are not business people, and they don’t know how to promote themselves. If they spent more time promoting themselves than perfecting their craft, they would be doing great!

The Health and Beauty Industry is a very strange place to be. It is a place where you are expected to put the needs of other people before your own. It is a place where you are expected to be “on” all the time.

You will be expected to work long hours, as well as evenings and weekends, with no overtime pay.

You will be expected to please every customer that walks through the door, even if they are being extremely rude or pushy.

You will be expected to give away tons of freebies, such as free nail services, or free facials/massages/etc… Whether it is for training purposes or for some other reason.

You’re at work, it’s Friday. You’ve had a long week, and you’re ready to unwind with a glass of wine. You type in “nail salons near me open late” on your phone, and check out the first three results.

1) You see that the salon is open until 10pm, so you call to make an appointment for 7:30.

2) The woman who answers the phone doesn’t speak English very well, and she says something about gel nails and manicures that you don’t understand. When you ask her to repeat it, she hangs up on you.

3) You call back and reach someone else who speaks English better, and they tell you they are booked until 9:30pm.

4) You finally realize that those weren’t gel nails or manicures they were talking about…they were pedicures (which is what you wanted). So when you book your appointment for 7:30pm, you don’t realize that means 7:30pm for your PEDICURE only.

5) So then you have to go find a place where your nails can get done within the next hour since that was the only time available at the salon.

6) You go through this

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