Why So Expensive? Reverse French Manicure

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Why So Expensive?

Reverse French Manicure: A blog about this service and why it is so costly.

The reverse French manicure is my favorite style of nail art. While the trend in nails today are for long, acrylic nails shaped into stilettos, ovals, and other unnatural shapes, I prefer a more natural look.

For a reverse French manicure, you need long natural nails. They should be strong and healthy as well. At least half of your nails should be clear of any defects such as ridges or bumps. If you have these issues with your own nails, there are many ways to correct them. You can use a nail buffer to gently rid yourself of the flaws on your natural nails. If they are too severe, there is always the option to wear tips or sculpted acrylics.

You will also need an array of nail polishes in pastel shades such as pale pink and peaches along with dark shades like reds and blacks. In addition to your polish collection you will also need a top coat, base coat, and some white polish for the tips of the nails.

If you have ever looked at a manicurist’s price list, you may have noticed the high cost of a reverse french manicure. Here is why it is so expensive.

A reverse french manicure is when the white tip and the color are reversed. The nail technician will apply a coat of clear base polish to the entire nail then apply a coat of white polish to the bottom 3/4s of the nail and then apply two coats of color on top of the entire nail. This gives the nail an elegant look and most definitely stands out.

The reason this service takes longer than your regular french manicure is because it requires more precise application. Your regular french manicure only requires precise application on one end of the nail while a reverse french manicure requires precise application on both ends. A lot more skill and effort goes into this process plus two extra products are used (the white polish and clear base polish).

So, if you are looking for an elegant and unique look, try a reverse french manicure next time you visit your local salon.

A reverse French manicure is a very expensive service. Reverse French manicures are $5.00 more than a traditional French manicure. And if you’re like me and get gel nails, a reverse French manicure is $10.00 more.

So why is the reverse French so darn expensive? A reverse French needs twice as much polish as a traditional French. Let me explain why this is so…

On a traditional French, your natural nail shows through on the tips of your nails. This means that the technician only needs to polish from the bed of your nail up to the tip leaving a small amount of bare nail at the tips. On a reverse French, the color you choose for your tips shows through on the base of your nail leaving only a small amount of color at the bed of your nails. This means that the technician has to paint twice as much polish on each nail which means twice as much time spent polishing each nail.

The French manicure is a simple and classic look. It is the go-to look for brides, proms, and special occasion because it looks great on everyone. The reverse french is a new trend that has been gaining popularity very quickly. It takes the traditional french manicure and reverses the colors of the nail by having nude polish on the top of the nail and white polish at the base of your nail.

Why So Expensive?

Reverse French Manicures are more expensive than other manicures because they require extra time to complete. If a regular french manicure takes about 10 minutes to complete, a reverse french manicure takes about 12 minutes to complete because of all the detail work involved to get it perfect.

First of all, if you are looking for a Reverse French Manicure, or a “Moon” manicure, we’ve already started on the wrong foot. This is not an official nail service at all. It is simply an accent nail and most salons will charge roughly $5-$10 extra for it.

You might be asking yourself, “Why is it so expensive then?” Well, I’m going to tell you. First of all, it requires more time. We have to paint your nails the classic way first. Then we have to apply a layer of clear polish on top of that and let it dry completely (15-20 minutes). Then we have to take a small piece of tape and cut out the shape we want on each nail (this needs to be done one by one). Then we apply the color polish over the tape. Remove the tape and let it dry completely (another 15-20 minutes).

If that wasn’t enough work, after this whole process is done, we still need to clean up around your cuticles and apply top coat. Top coat takes about 10 minutes to dry as well.

The Reverse French Manicure is a service that is currently taking the nail industry by storm. It’s a new and different take on the classic French Manicure.

The Reverse French Manicure was created by New York based celebrity manicurist, Elle. Elle has worked with celebrities such as: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. She also works at one of New York City’s most prestigious salons, Valley Nails.

To get the “Reverse French” look, your nails will be painted white instead of pink at the base; then a clear coat is applied to the tip, creating a polished look, while keeping the white color of your nail intact.

This service can be done with any color combination.

Prices for this service will vary depending on what salon you go to and what city you live in. Currently our salon charges $75 for this service. We know it sounds like a lot and we know it seems like it should be cheaper because we are not using any gel or acrylic and there are no extensions added to your natural nails. However, don’t be fooled; this service takes a long time

If you have ever gone to the nail salon, you may have seen this manicure called “reverse french” or “american manicure.” This service is time consuming, and if done well, can take up to 2 hours.

The first thing a nail technician does is paint the entire nail with a clear polish. Then, a white tip is painted that goes from your cuticle to about 2-4 millimeters down the nail. After the color dries completely, the nail technician will file your nails into the desired shape and clean up any excess polish around your cuticle area.

This manicure is the most expensive because of how many steps are involved in creating it. It also requires careful attention to detail and patience from both the client and the nail technician.

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