5 Steps To a Perfect Nail Color

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Nail color is a great way to express your individuality and style. When done well and safely, it can give you an instant confidence boost. But nail color can also be a tricky thing to get right. Here are 5 steps to help you find the perfect nail color, every time:

1. Choose the right finish. A high-gloss, ultra-shiny finish is beautiful if you want to show off your manicure. A matte finish looks velvety and elegant, but it can chip more easily, so it’s not for everyone. A satin finish (also called semi-matte) is a good compromise between shine and durability.

2. Decide on your color palette. Before you even start looking at colors, think about what palette will work best for you. There are warm colors with yellow undertones like peach, orange or red, cool colors with blue undertones like pink or purple, and neutral colors like white or black that work with anything. For most people, their hair and eye color will determine whether they look better in warm or cool hues; those with blond hair or light eyes usually look best in warm hues, while those with dark hair or dark eyes look better in cool hues.

3. Find

In my experience, the perfect nail color is a rare gem. It’s like a unicorn: you can search high and low for it, but you may never actually find one. I’ve been searching for the perfect nail color for many years now (all in the name of beauty research, of course) and still have not found it. I have, however, learned a thing or two about finding the right shade of polish that will make your nails pop.

First of all, it’s important to start off on the right foot by finding a polish that is completely opaque in one coat. If you have to apply three coats or use a white basecoat to get full color coverage, then you should probably just keep looking. Life’s too short to spend 15 minutes painting your nails, especially when there are so many great one-coaters out there nowadays.

Next, consider colors that are either very close to your natural skin tone or wildly different from it. Really dark colors like black or navy tend not to look good on me because they only accentuate the discoloration on my nails and cuticles—and anything that draws attention to my cuticles is probably not something I want people seeing up close. Pastels colors can also be tricky if your skin has a

I love nails, I love color and I love to keep up on the latest trends. And one trend that’s been around for some time and isn’t going anywhere is pastels. And I’m not talking about just basic pastels like baby blue or mint green, we’re talking about a Beyonce album cover full of color!

So how do you choose the best nail polish color for your skin tone? Follow these five steps and you will be on your way to having a perfect manicure.

1. Determine your skin tone. If you don’t know your skin tone, take a look at the inside of your arm to see if you have pink, yellow, neutral or olive tones. You can also ask a good friend or family member what color they would describe you as having.

2. Choose your favorite fashion colors to match your skin tone. This is really where the fun begins – browsing through nail polish websites, catalogs and magazines to find some of your favorite colors that match your skin tone.

3. Select a few different brands that have nail polish in your favorite colors. Some brands have better coverage than others and some are more inexpensive than others so it’s good to try more than one brand to find the best fit for you

1. Pick a color you like

First, decide on colors you love and that look great on your skin tone. If it’s a color you can’t resist, then you will wear it more often. To make sure the color is flattering on your skin tone, test the nail polish on your finger tips. The nail bed is close to your skin tone so it’s a great indicator of how the color will work for you.

2. Choose complementary colors for your wardrobe

If you have a favorite outfit or dress, choose colors that complement it. You can use the same technique to find colors that match your eye makeup, lipstick and blush. Have fun experimenting with different color combinations!

3. If in doubt go nude or neutral

Neutral colors are versatile and easy to wear. They also look sophisticated and chic. Here’s a guide to picking out neutrals that match your skin tone: Choosing Nude Nail Polishes for Your Skin Tone

4. Shine is good!

Sparkles and shimmer add interest and make nails feel festive for any occasion!

5. Go for glossy-not matte finish

Matte finish looks dull and makes nails look dry because there is less light reflection from the surface

Step 1: Pick the right hues.

Step 2: Apply in the right order.

Step 3: Make sure everything is smooth …

Step 4: Check your work in natural light.

Step 5: Decide if you need a top coat.

Step 1: Choose a base color

Step 2: Find a complementary color

Step 3: Add a pattern to your design

Step 4: Gather your supplies

Step 5: Paint!

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