6 Easy Steps for Gel Removal at Home

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Removing gel polish at home is not a complicated process, however it does take a bit of time and patience.

I always recommend that you get your nails done by a professional because their knowledge and expertise will be able to do a much better job than you can do yourself.

If you want to remove your gel nail polish at home yourself, follow these 6 easy steps below:

Step 1:File down the top coat of your gel nails with a 100 grit file. This will help the removal process work faster.

Step 2:Soak a cotton pad in acetone. Wrap around each nail with aluminum foil leaving the cotton pad on top of each nail for about 10 minutes or longer if needed until the polish slides off easily.

Step 3:After the gel polish has been removed, use an orange stick with some cuticle oil or vitamin E oil on it to push back the cuticles around each nail. Then wash off any remaining residue with warm soapy water.

Step 4: Use a 180 grit file to smooth out your nails and shape them as desired.

Step 5: Apply cuticle oil or vitamin E oil onto your nails and massage in well to prevent dryness and keep them healthy looking.

Step 6: Apply a base coat,

You don’t have to run to the salon to get your gel nail polish removed. You can do it at home. Here are the six easy steps you need to follow in order to remove gel nail polish on your own:

1. Soak cotton pad with acetone-free nail polish remover

2. Place cotton pad on top of fingernail and wrap in aluminum foil tightly

3. Leave wrapped fingernails alone for 10-15 minutes

4. Remove aluminum foil and check if the nail polish has lifted from natural nails, if not repeat step 3 (may take up to 20 minutes)

5. Once gel polish is removed, file away any excessive gel left on natural nails with a 100/180 grit file

6. Moisturize hands with cuticle oil and hand lotion

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and embrace gel nails. Great! You might be wondering, “How do I remove my DIY gel nail polish?” If you’re new to gel nail polishes, it can be tricky to remove your gel nail polish at home but don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Here are some easy steps for removing your gel nails at home.

Step One: Gel Polish Removal Tools

You will need the following tools to easily remove your gel polish without damaging your natural nails.

– acetone (pure acetone is the best but make sure it’s 100% acetone)

– a glass bowl or tin foil (we recommend small glass bowls)

– cotton balls

– aluminum foil cut into small pieces (about 1-inch squares)

Step Two: Prepare Your Nails

Trim and file down your gel nails. This will help speed up the removal process by taking off the top layer of your gel nail polish. This step is essential so don’t skip it!

You don’t have to be a professional gel polish technician to remove gel polish like one. The cool part is that you don’t even need a bunch of special tools to do it right.

Here’s how I remove gel polish at home using only products you probably already own:

Gel nail polish is the big thing right now. It’s a fun way to spice up your nails, but if you’re not careful, you’ll be stuck with it for at least 2 weeks. If you have a special occasion coming up and want to change your manicure, removing gel polish at home can be tricky. The good news is, I’ve done it many times over the years, and it’s actually pretty easy!

1. Start by clipping and filing your nails.

2. Soak a small cotton ball in acetone and place it on your nail. Wrap that finger with foil to keep it in place, and then repeat for each nail.

3. Let your nails soak for about 10 minutes, until the gel has begun to loosen.

4. Gently push off the remaining polish with an orange stick or cuticle pusher, taking care not to scrape against your nail bed or skin, which can cause damage and irritation. (If you’re still having trouble, return to step 2.)

5. Apply cuticle oil to rehydrate your fingers and nails, and use a buffer to smooth any unevenness left behind by the gel.

6. Finish with a coat of regular polish or top coat, if desired!

1. Soak your nails for about 5-10 minutes in acetone. You can use a cotton ball to soak up the acetone and place it directly on your nail or you can use a small bowl filled with acetone. I usually do the latter. The reason your nails need to be soaked is because it softens the gel polish so it is easier to remove from the nail plate.

2. Once your nails have been soaking for about 5-10 minutes, you can start removing the polish. I prefer to use a cuticle pusher for this since they are easier to hold, but you can also use an orangewood stick if that is what you prefer. Place the tool at the base of your nail and gently start pushing/scraping off the polish. Push/scrape in one direction only towards the tip of your nail. Do not scrape back and forth as this may damage your natural nail.

3. Once all of the polish has been removed, take a fine grit file (180 grit or higher) and lightly go over each nail to remove any remaining gel polish still left on your nails.

4. After filing, massage some cuticle oil into each nail and leave on for about 2 minutes,

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