Gel Nail Art Designs You Need To See In 2017

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Gel nails are an excellent option if you want long-lasting manicures. Not only do they look great, but they also don’t chip like regular nail polish can.

Gel nail art designs are all the rage right now and we can see why. If you’re after something a little different than the classic French Manicure, these gel designs are fun and easy to apply.

If you’re new to gel nails then check out our guide to the best gel nail kits for beginners. Once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to these gorgeous gel nail art designs that will add a bit of extra flair to your manicure.

Once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to these gorgeous gel nail art designs that will add a bit of extra flair to your manicure.

If you love gel nails and are looking for the best gel nail art designs, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at, we pride ourselves on being the

Gel nail art designs are becoming very popular. They can be found in many salons and they are also featured on many beauty websites. There are a lot of different types of gel nail art designs that you can use on your nails.

One type is called French manicures. These look great because they have a variety of colors and designs that you can choose from. They also last longer than other types of gel nail art designs so it is important to keep them clean so that they don’t get dirty or damaged.

Another type is called flower design. This design has flowers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find these in all different styles of nails, but they tend to look best on the middle finger because the flower petals make the finger look longer. You will want to use a lighter color on your fingers so that the flowers don’t stand out too much against your fingernails.

There are also gel nail art designs that have animals on them. Some of these include butterflies, birds, fish, and even trees! These are great for people who love animals and want to show their love for nature with their nail art design!

Gel nail art designs are now a popular trend in the world of nails. Most of them come with different colors, shapes, styles and designs that best fit any occasion. You can choose from two types of gel nail art designs: gel nails and artificial nails. With gel nails, you need to apply the polish on your natural nail beds while artificial nails need you to glue an acrylic overlay on your natural ones.

Gel nails have been around for a few years now and are very popular in salons today. Gel nail art designs are very easy to do and come in many colors and textures. Gel nails are also very safe because they do not damage your natural nails. They last longer than traditional manicures and provide a more durable finish as well.

A lot of people love having their fingernails painted with gel because it is so easy to apply, dries quicker than regular polish and lasts longer than traditional manicures do. The only downside to having this type of nail design is that it takes longer to paint your nails than normal polish does. You will also need to reapply the gel after every couple of days to maintain its glossy look. You cannot paint them with other paints or polishes because they will not adhere to the gel properly.

Most women find that having a good beauty regime can be the difference between feeling drab and unattractive or fabulous and desirable. It is amazing what our nails can do to our overall look. Having well-manicured nails will help you feel more confident and ready to face the world with open arms!

We all need a little help sometimes and there are thousands of gel nail designs online that you can chose from if you are looking for inspiration. But if you want to find out more about gel nail art and how to get the look yourself, then keep reading as we have all of the information that you need right here.

What Is Gel Nail Art?

Gel nail art is very similar to acrylic nail art only it uses gel instead of acrylic to build up the length of your nails. By using gel, your nails can have a better shine and appear stronger and healthier than normal polish. In addition, it dries much faster than traditional acrylic nails so there is no need for a UV light or any other drying techniques.

In fact, gel manicures are cured by a special LED lamp that will dry the gel in mere seconds! There are many great benefits to getting this type of manicure including:

The natural shine that they produce – they cannot

Whenever you hear a person talking about gel nails, there are two reactions that cross your mind. Firstly, “Oh! I need to go get my gel nails done!” and secondly, “Wow! The gel nail art looks really cool.”

If you too want to join the bandwagon and want to get your own set of gel nails , then good for you. But before taking the plunge and getting your own set of gel nails done, there are a few things that you must know.

These things will not only help you take better care of your gel nails but will also help you in choosing the best designs for your own style statement.

Gel Nail Art: Since we all know that gel nails are pretty expensive it is better to have some knowledge regarding them so as to make a wise decision.

Well, if you are wondering what is so special about gel nails then here’s the answer for it – Gel nails basically look like real nails; and one can even get a manicure at home. They are applied using a special UV lamp which helps in curing them and hardening them. This is what gives them their glossy finish. Moreover, they last longer than traditional acrylics and they don’t chip easily either.

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