7 Tips For Gel Nails Beginners

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So you’ve heard about gel nails, and you think they sound like the perfect nail treatment for you. Congratulations! The best way to get started is to be informed. Gel nails have a ton of advantages, but there are some things you need to know before getting your first set.

Here are 7 tips for gel nails beginners:

1. What are gel nails? They are artificial nails that are made from acrylic and gel. A professional will apply them on top of your natural nail, creating a thin layer of protection and a gorgeous look that can last up to one month without chipping or breaking.

Gel nails are so popular for a reason. They last longer than regular nail polish, which means you don’t have to keep painting your nails to make them look good. They also come in so many gorgeous shades that are guaranteed to turn heads and get compliments. But if you’re new to gel nails, they can seem intimidating. Here are seven tips that will help you master gel nails in no time.

1. Invest In A Good Lamp

Gel nails dry using UV light, but not all lamps are created equal. You need a lamp that emits the right amount of UV light for your gel nails to dry properly without getting damaged or staying tacky. Otherwise, your beautiful manicure won’t last long, and you may even end up with yellowed nails!

2. Try A Soak Off Gel Nail Polish

Soak off gel nail polishes don’t require any filing to remove; instead, you can soak them off in acetone at home! This makes them perfect for beginners because it’s easy to remove any mistakes and start again. They also seem to last longer than regular gel nail polishes, which is an added bonus!

3. Choose The Right Shape For Your Hands

If you’ve ever had acrylics before, then you

Great! You decided to do gel nails at home.

This is a great decision, because learning how to do your own gel nails will save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

However, when doing your own gel nails, you need to make sure you are doing them properly. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your natural nails or just not be happy with the results.

If you are new to gel nails, I recommend that you watch my other video tutorial on how to do your own gel manicure here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKjAx5fQMgA

In this blog post, I want to give you 7 tips that will help you to get started with gel nails at home even if it’s your first time and you have no experience whatsoever.

Gel nails are high maintenance but they last a long time. I get gel nails every two weeks and they look perfect every time. As someone who is used to getting gel nails, I have compiled a list of tips for gel nail beginners.

So you watched some YouTube videos and finally got the courage to try gel nails at home. You may have already purchased your gel set, but are still unsure of how to do it. Here are a few tips for those who are new to gel nails:

1. Use the right gel polish brand

There are so many brands of gel polish, and they all have good reviews. The problem is that you can’t really know if a certain brand is good for you until you try it for yourself. Make sure that the instructions on the package match how the various gels in your kit should be applied, and don’t just rely on what others say about it.

2. Use a UV lamp with a timer

Since most people do their nails at home, and nobody has an assistant to help them time when to cure their nails, using a UV lamp with a timer will be helpful. Usually, a 30-second timer is enough to dry your nails, but not all lamps have this function, so make an extra effort to find one that does.

3. Have everything ready before starting

Make sure that you have all of your nail tools within reaching distance before you start painting your nails. This way, there’s no stopping in between layers because you need something

1. Keep Your Nails Short

This is important because gel nails require a lot of filing. If your nails are long, they may become very thin after the filing and they may break. You will want to keep your nails short, but not too short. They should be long enough that you can easily file them into a shape you like. So, take care of your nails first before going to the salon and keep them short.

2. Don’t File Too Much

Gel nails are durable and strong, but they are also thin and require more filing than other types of manicures. If you go to a professional who files too much, your nails may become thinner than you like by the time you’re done with the process. And because gel nails are so tough, it’s hard for you to tell whether your nail technician is filing too much until it’s too late, so make sure you tell her if she does!

3. Choose The Right Color

You know that gel nails are stronger than other types of manicures, but did you know that some colors of gel last longer than others? That’s right: certain colors last longer than others because they don’t chip as easily and require less maintenance.**

1.Your nails are like sponges, especially when wet. If you don’t prep your nails properly, the gel will soak into your nails and the life of your manicure will be greatly reduced.

2.Try to avoid nail polishes that contain oils, D&C dyes and/or plasticizers. The oils will actually repel gel polish! D&C dyes and plasticizers can cause staining, which may affect adhesion and colour saturation of the gel polish (this is why I recommend applying a base coat before applying nail polish).

3.Gel nails should never be soaked off in acetone! Gel nails should always be filed off with a 100 grit nail file or higher (I use 180 grit), then buffed to smooth out the nail plate. Apply a thin layer of gel remover to each finger and wrap in foil for 10 minutes; the gel will usually slide right off without damaging your natural nails. If it doesn’t come off easily, give it another 5-10 minutes and try again (don’t force it because you could end up peeling your natural nail).

4.Gel polish needs to be cured under an LED or UV light between 30 seconds and 2 minutes depending on brand

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