Gel French Manicures Are Here To Stay

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Gel French Manicures Are Here To Stay: A blog around easy to wear and stylish manicure styles, specifically gel french manicures. Gel french manicures are a great alternative to regular nail polish fingernails and toenails. The gel polish lasts longer (up to two weeks) than regular nail polish and is more durable and less prone to chipping.

Gel nails look natural and are available in a variety of different shades that can be used with any skin color. Some people use the gel nails as their full-time nail color, while others use them as an accent nail that they change every few days or so to keep their manicure looking fresh. The gel polish comes in thin strips that are applied directly onto the nails by applying a thin layer of top coat over the gel strip, then smoothing it on with a cotton swab. After the top coat has dried, another thin layer of top coat is applied and smoothed on again using a cotton swab. This gives the nails a shiny finish that looks like it has been professionally done at a salon.

This type of manicure is great for those who have busy schedules or who don’t have time to do their own manicure frequently but still want beautiful looking nails all the time

Gel French Manicures Are Here To Stay

A blog around easy to wear and stylish manicure styles, specifically gel.

I have been wearing a gel french manicure for the last couple of years and it’s one of the nail trends I don’t think is ever going away. It’s perfect for any occasion from work to weddings.

I always get asked how I do my own nails so well so here is my step by step guide to creating your own gel french manicure at home, or for the professional nail technician to use on their clients.

Tools you will need:

Gel base coat.

Gel top coat or gel sealer.

UV lamp (or LED as long as it is advertised as curing gel polish)

Sticky wipes/cotton wool and nail cleanser (acetone free).

Since gel polish has hit the market, it’s become a staple for many manicures. It’s easy to use, stays on for weeks, and is extremely durable. If you’re looking for a new way to wear your gel polish, try a gel French manicure. You can find the perfect color match for your skin tone, and this type of nail look is very chic and stylish.

The first step in doing a gel French manicure is to prepare your nails. The key to a long lasting manicure of any kind is making sure that the nails are completely clean and ready to go. Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them thoroughly with a clean towel. Remove any old polish if necessary.

On each finger apply a thin layer of base coat and cure under an LED lamp for one minute, or according to your lamp’s instructions.

Next choose two colors of gel polish: one for the main color and one for the tips. If you want more of an ombre effect, you can also choose two lighter shades of the same color instead of using two completely different shades.

Apply one coat of the main color on each nail and cure under the LED lamp for 60 seconds or as directed by your lamp’s instructions. Repeat this step

I have been a fan of gel manicures for some time now. I prefer them to acrylic and regular nail polish because they are easy to apply and last longer on the nails. The latest trend in gel manicures is the French Gel Manicure. It is one of the best ways to wear your favorite gel nail color, especially if you like to keep things simple. There are many ways to wear a French manicure style with gel, including:

* A traditional French tip

* A French manicure with a simple stripe or border up the middle of the nail

* A full cover French tip

* A half cover French tip

I am a big proponent of wearing the latest trends in style.**

The gel french manicure is here to stay and is the easiest way to a perfect everyday look. You can’t go wrong with this classic nail style, but you can get it wrong! Here we give you the steps to a perfect french in no time at all.

Although you may think it’s a simple design, there are ways to get it wrong. The most important thing is to make sure your nails are prepped correctly. This means cutting your nails to the shape of your choice, filing and buffing your nails and removing any excess cuticles.

Once your nails are prepped, it’s time for the base coat. A good base coat will help keep your natural nails in great condition, as well as helping the overall look of your gel polish manicure. Make sure you apply a thin layer of base coat – more isn’t better! Applying too much base coat can lead to bubbles when applying your colour coats.

Now it’s time for colour! It’s important that you use a high quality gel polish, such as those sold on our site for a long-lasting mani that won’t chip or peel. Gel polish colours typically have a much wider range of shades than regular nail polishes and therefore have far less chipping/peeling

For a long time, French manicures have been considered the epitome of classic, feminine style. The pale base and white tips are equal parts simple and pretty—they’re easy enough to wear with anything and look polished without being too fussy. And for that same reason, they can also be a bit boring.

Not so with gel polish or gel-like formulas, though. They’ve totally revamped the classic French mani. Instead of just a sheer pink coat with white tips, these colors have taken things up a notch to a whole new level of cool! Some are glittery, others are super bold and saturated. A few even feature geometric designs in place of the usual white tips.

So if you’re looking to give your go-to mani an upgrade (and you want it to last longer), check out these 21 ideas below.

After the gel manicure, it’s the gel French manicure’s turn to have a moment. Yes, that’s right: You can now get your gel French manicure at home. The look is not only classic but also incredibly flattering on everyone. Why? Because it has just enough of a pink-nude base and white tips to make your nails look long and elegant.

But like all beauty trends, this one comes with a catch: It can be difficult to execute the gel French manicure yourself. That’s because there are two steps involved — painting on two different polish colors — that need to be done precisely for you to end up with the cleanest result possible (i.e., no smudges or streaks).

So we turned to celebrity nail artist Ashley Crowe for advice on how to do our own DIY gel French manicures. She says it’s all about prepping your nails and applying the polish correctly. To help you out, she provided step-by-step instructions below as well as a list of products you’ll need before you get started (they’re all available at Target). Keep scrolling for her tips!

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