How to Choose the Perfect Winter Nail Polish Colour

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Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to break out the darker nail polish colours. It’s fun to step away from the bright neons of summer and try something with a little more depth.

If you’ve never worn dark nail polish before, you may be unsure how to pick a colour that suits you. Do you go with black or oxblood? Or maybe dark green or navy blue? Choosing the right colour can be tough, especially if you’re not used to wearing dark nail colours.

Luckily, we’re here to help! Keep reading for tips on how to choose the perfect winter nail polish colour.

Tips for Choosing a Winter Nail Colour

You don’t have to stick with burgundy and black in the wintertime. There are plenty of different shades that look great in the colder months. But if you’re new to dark nail colours, those two shades are great places to start. You can then branch out into different shades once you feel more comfortable rocking dark nails.

After choosing a base shade, it’s time to accessorize! You can choose a complimentary shade for an accent nail or wear your favourite glittery polish overtop of your base shade. You could even use striping tape to create a cool geometric pattern

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time for holiday cheer, hot cocoa, and winter wonderlands. And like every season before it, winter has its own style of clothing, accessories, and beauty trends to go along with it. Winter fashion is so exciting because everything is new again: new colours and patterns to experiment with, new coats and boots to play around in, and a whole new set of makeup looks to try out.

One of the best ways to amp up your look each season is by switching up your nail polish colour. A different shade can make you feel refreshingly stylish without having to go through the effort of changing any other aspect of your outfit. And with so many different shades on the market today, it’s never been easier to find the right polish for you.

To help you choose a nail polish colour that suits your style this winter, we’ve put together a tutorial on how to choose the perfect winter nail polish colour. Keep reading for our expert tips!

Nail Polish is always a good idea, but the question is which colour do we use to make our hands stand out?

Winter is the season for dark and bold colours. We have lots of options to choose from dark shades of red, black, purple and many more. My personal favourites are berry colours and dark reds.

The most popular winter colours are dark shades of red, plum, black and pinks with bits of glitter. The best part about using winter nail polish colours is that you can match them with any outfit you wear. If you’re wearing a navy blue top why not use a deep blue nail polish? It will look very classy!

If you’re looking to try something new then consider browns, oranges or creams.

A quick tip: When choosing a winter nail polish colour keep in mind that the darker your skin tone the better the darker shades will look on your nails.

The winter is a time of year that holds a certain sense of magic in the air. With the holidays and cooler weather, it is a time to stay in with your girlfriends, get cozy, and paint each others nails while watching sappy Christmas movies. And even if you are on your own this holiday season, there’s no reason not to treat yourself to a little self-care by choosing the perfect nail polish colour for you.

Pastel Colours

If you want to stick with something soft and simple, consider pastel colours. Pastels are a popular choice for spring but can also work well for winter. Some great options for pastels include:

* Bright lavender

* Light pink

* Mint green

Darker Colours

If you prefer something darker, there are plenty of dark colours that will give you that extra pop and make your hands look amazing! Some good options include:

* Black

* Dark blue

* Dark red

White Nail Polish

White nail polish is one of those things that never seems to go out of style–and there’s a reason why! A white nail polish can give you an elegant look that goes with just about anything. If white doesn’t really match your style, consider using it as an accent

Winter is the perfect time to break out the deep, rich nail polish colours. This is the season for dark, vampy nail colours that give your hands a little bit of glamour.

Deep reds, plums and metallics are perfect for winter nails. Choose a nail polish colour that works with your skin tone and feel free to experiment with multiple shades at once. This season’s hot trend is wearing different hues on each finger.

If you want a bold look, try one of these popular shades:

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark – This polish is a deep purple-red colour that looks amazing on every skin tone. The formula lasts up to 10 days too!

Essie Wicked – A deep burgundy red with a hint of shimmer makes this an all-time favourite colour for winter nails.

Orly Liquid Vinyl – A matte black shade gives a modern edgy look to your nails. Pair it with gold and silver studs for an extra pop.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got a go-to nail polish colour. It’s likely to be a shade of red or pink, because that is what most people reach for when they want to paint their nails. It’s perfect for spring/summer and looks great with your tan. However, I think it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this winter.

It will take some imagination on your part, but just picture yourself in that seasonless black shift dress with an oxblood manicure. Or in a pair of leather pants with a pearl grey on your fingertips. Or even in those emerald green skinnies with a neon yellow pedicure peeking out of your booties! Suddenly the idea of switching up your colour doesn’t seem so scary, does it?

There are some shades that look especially good this time of year, though. So if you’re still feeling intimidated by the thought of painting your nails something other than red or pink, here are my top three picks:

1. Oxblood: This is best described as a deep burgundy red. It will give you the rich look of red without being too loud.

2. Emerald green: A dark green is just as elegant as

It’s getting colder outside, and you know what that means? It’s time to step up your nail polish game. If you’re anything like me, you probably already have a massive collection of spring and summer colours from which you either never ventured or are very tired of. Well it’s time to put those away (but not throw them out!) and get some new nail polishes for the winter.

It’s hard to determine which nail polish colours are best suited for the winter, so I’ve outlined a few tips below:

– Pick burgundy or wine shades! They’re great year round but they look especially chic in the fall and winter.

– Don’t be afraid to pick bolder colours than you usually might! In the winter, get out there with some bright reds and yellows!

– If you’re feeling too cold for that, opt for a muted metallic shade. I love these because they are very professional looking but still fun!

– Avoid any pastels or neon shades – these will make your hands look like popsicles! Not good.

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