How To Get Long Lasting Nail Polish Results

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Hey guys! I’ve been getting lots of questions lately about getting long lasting nail polish results, so I thought I’d put together a post with all my tips and tricks for getting the best possible color retention out of your dip polish manicure.

1.These days, there are lots of great options for dip-polish manicures. You can find dip powder at most drug stores and salons. I like this one from Sally Hansen:

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Dip powder is a great option for people who want an affordable, long-lasting manicure without the hassle of having to apply coats of color and wait between drying times. Where gel manis offer a high-shine finish with good chip resistance, they require a curing lamp and take some time to remove at home or in the salon – making them a less convenient option for those who want to do their own manicures at home or people who simply don’t have the time to spend on doing their own nails. Dip polishes don’t require any special equipment; you simply apply the base

Welcome to Dip Color Nails! The place that offers tips and tricks on how to get the best possible color retention for your dip-polish manicure.

If you haven’t heard of dip color nails, it’s a nail polish application method that uses an acrylic powder to create a beautiful, long lasting manicure. Let me tell you, after reading this blog you’ll be an expert on getting the most out of your dip-polish manicure!

The first step in getting the best possible color retention is making sure your nails are ready for polish. That means making sure that your nails are healthy and not brittle from previous manicures.

Dip polish is a long-lasting formula that can go on for weeks, as long as you follow these simple tips for getting the best color retention and nail health in between manicures:

1. Always use a base coat.

Base coats are essential to preserving your nails’ health when using dip polish because they provide a protective layer between the dip powder and your nails. We recommend using our Base Coat, which is a gel base coat that locks in moisture to help maintain healthy cuticles and keep your nails strong. The best part? It’s also odorless, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemical smells.

2. Make sure to properly buff your nails before applying dip polish.

Nail buffing is an important step in the dip-polish process because it helps remove ridges on your nails and create a smooth surface that will allow the dip powder to adhere better. Buffing also creates friction and heat, which help improve blood circulation to the nail bed, making them stronger and healthier in the long run!

3. Use a large enough dish for dipping.

You should always use a dish large enough for you to easily dip your entire fingertip into – this ensures that all of your nails are evenly coated with polish for maximum color

I have tried everything under the sun to get my dip-polished manicures to last more than three days without any chipping.

I’ve found that the best way to get your dip-polished nails to last as long as possible is to use a quality powder and activator and follow these steps:

* Get a manicure before you start. Don’t use any moisturizer during the process, but if you want to use cuticle oil on your cuticles, do it after you clean up.

* Apply two thin coats of base coat and let dry for two minutes between coats.

* Dip each nail into the dip powder for about five seconds, tap off excess and brush off excess with a small brush. Do this for each nail and let dry for two minutes before repeating.

* Repeat step 3 until you reach the desired opacity. I usually do three or four coats, but some colors may require more or less coats based on which color you choose.

* Brush on activator and let dry for 1 minute.

* Rub off tacky layer with a lint free wipe (I like to use a cotton ball). I find that rubbing in a circular motion works best because it helps get rid of any clumps of activator or

The following are the most important steps for producing a long lasting dip-polish manicure:

1. Apply a base coat to the entire nail, including under the tip of the nail to prevent lifting.

2. Dip your nail, one at a time into your pre-selected color and remove excess powder from the nail.

3. Repeat step 2 until you have achieved your desired coverage.

4. Apply a second layer of base coat over the top of your nails and let dry completely (about 2 minutes).

5. Apply activator to each nail and allow to dry completely (about 2 minutes).

6. Apply cuticle oil along with lotion on the hands and fingers, making sure not to touch any wet nails while doing so.

Dip powder is a new way to get longer lasting color on your nails. It’s also called “dip-color,” “dip-polish,” or even just “powder polish.”

A dip powder manicure is done by first applying a base coat, then dipping your nails into colored powder, and finally sealing the color with a clear topcoat.

The result is that you get the look of a gel manicure without the use of a UV/LED light, and it’s supposed to last longer than regular nail polish.

Dip powder is an alternative to acrylics and gels. Like acrylics, dip powder hardens into its shape after it comes in contact with air. It’s flexible like gel but won’t damage your nails like acrylics can. The result is that you get the look of a gel manicure without the use of a UV/LED light, and it’s supposed to last longer than regular nail polish.

I was a professional nail tech for over 10 years, and have been in the beauty industry since 1997. I have done the dip nails countless times and have had some amazing results. To me, they look like actual gel polish.

They are not hard to do at all and can last as long as 2 weeks, with no chipping. I use (on myself) Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Strips for my own nails and I love them. I find that you get a longer wear time if you use the strips on your nails first, then do the dip-nails.

The strips really help with the adhesion of the powder. When using a regular base coat of nail polish, it doesn’t seem to hold up as well for me. The strips are more flexible and give you a much longer lasting manicure!

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