Nail Polish Color Trends For Summer 2017

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Nail Polish Color Trends For Summer 2017: a professionally written blog about the new nail trends for summer.

You know what they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Our advice to you? If you love your go-to nail polish color, keep rocking it all summer long. But if you’re looking to experiment with something new, there are plenty of fresh hues that are easy to incorporate into your warm weather beauty routine.

From colorful sparkles to soft neutrals and bold brights, there’s something for everyone. And no matter your manicure preference—whether you prefer a long-wear formula or like to switch up your shades every other day—these polishes won’t disappoint. Below, find the top colors and finishes that are sure to turn heads this season.

Nail Polish Color Trends For Summer 2017

The summer is just around the corner and we can hardly for it to begin. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of our favorite season than with a brand new nail polish color? If you’re looking for a fun & trendy shade to match up with your colorful summer wardrobe, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular colors on our site and narrowed it down to five must-have shades that will surely make your summer extra special. Here are the top 5 nail polish colors for summer:

1. Lace Up Shoes: It’s no secret that lace up shoes are all over this season, so why not try them on your nails too? This deep red color goes great with any outfit and is sure to stand out wherever you go.

2. Blueberry Squeeze: One of our best sellers, this bright blue shade is perfect for those who want something fun but still neutral enough to wear all summer long.

3. Ballerina Slippers: A new addition to our line-up this year, ballerina slippers has been flying off shelves since its release! The deep pink color is both feminine and chic making it an

Nail Polish Color Trends For Summer 2017

From bright and bold to monochrome and minimal manicures, the summer 2017 nail trends have officially arrived. And seeing as we’re counting down the days until the warm weather is back in full force, it’s safe to say that this season’s most popular nail colors are already on our must-try list.

Because while you can certainly keep your fingertips au naturel throughout the summer months (hey, it’s hot out there, after all), there’s no denying that a swipe of color is a surefire way to elevate even the simplest of ensembles. Plus, with so many gorgeous shades and finishes available right now — including everything from pastel tones to high-shine lacquers — there’s truly something for everyone.

So whether you’re searching for the perfect shade to complement your favorite sundress or just looking for a cool new hue to try this weekend, these summer nail colors and trends are sure to inspire your next mani/pedi appointment.

Summer is here and it’s time to break out those brightly-colored swimsuits and cute flowy dresses you’ve been dying to wear! A bright and fun nail polish that matches your outfit is just the thing you need to complete your summer look.

Here are some of the hottest nail trends for summer 2017. All these colors can be found at your local beauty supply store or on

Nudes and Neutrals: Nude polishes are a classic go-to option for a clean, elegant look that goes with anything. A sheer neutral color is a great option if you want something understated and timeless. If you’re more daring, try a dark neutral color such as plum or black. These colors can be worn alone or in combination with other colors to give them more depth and dimension.

Beachy Blues: When it comes to summer nail trends, blues are definitely in this season! From sky blue to navy blue, there are so many different options to choose from that will make any outfit pop. Whether you’re looking for a subtle accent or something bolder like turquoise glitter, there’s something for everyone when it comes to beachy blues!

Brights and Shimmers: Bright, shimmering nails are always a good

Nail polish colors are a serious business. There’s one for every season and they reflect the latest fashion trend; from nail art to color. This year we’ve seen some interesting colors that are coming back from the 90s (yep – brown is in), but also some new ones that will make their debut this summer! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all of them!

So what are the nail polish trends for summer 2017? Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites:

Nude Nails: You can never go wrong with nude nails. They’re neutral enough to be worn during any season but still have that “summery” feel about them. If y’all know me then you know I’m not big into doing things just because everyone else is doing it so I’m not one who follows trends too closely! That being said, I love nude nail polish because its classic and looks good on almost every skin tone (even darker shades). I think if there was only one type of nail polish out there then I would definitely choose this color!

Pastel Colors: Pastel colors were popular last spring too but they’re making their way back again this year as well – which isn’t surprising considering how much

Who doesn’t love a fresh coat of polish? We’re constantly looking for new trends in nail art, and to get the best ideas we spoke with celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley. “The summer is always about bright, fun colors. This year I’m seeing a lot of pastels,” she says. “Not just your average baby blue or baby pink; I’m seeing a lot of lilac, peach and mint.”

Hadley also says that her clients are loving the dip-powder nail trend. “It’s been around for a while, but it’s going strong this year. It has that same look as acrylics without the negative side effects,” she says.

If you’re looking to try some new colors this season, Hadley recommends Essie’s Mint Candy Apple ($8; and Butter London’s Cotton Buds ($15; Keep scrolling to see our favorite picks for summer 2017!

I know that summer is a way off, but I am super excited to share the nail color trends this season. The new colors are totally awesome! I’ve seen all the spring fashion shows and have been working with my friends on what’s hot this season. I’m so excited to share with you all.

So, let me start by saying that I am obsessed with nail polish! My best friends are too, and we are always trying out new colors together. And as soon as one of us sees a new color we always get it for everyone in our group – it’s so much fun! We love getting together and doing our nails, just like a bunch of teenage girls.

Last year was an awesome year for the manicure industry. There were so many cool colors that came out and we loved them all. Some of my favorite colors from last season were Orchid (that one was from MAC), Blueberry Fizz, and Tropicana.

This year is even better – there is such an amazing variety of colors out there and I can’t wait to try them all! My favorite one is called Candy Apple Red – it’s a deep red color that reminds me of apple cider in the fall. It looks great on almost any skin tone, too

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