How to Repair Your Gel Nails Like a Pro

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Repairing your gel nails can save you a lot of time and money. Whether you do them yourself or at the salon, gel nails don’t always last as long as you’d like them to. And if the gel is already starting to chip, there’s no need to remove it entirely. Here are some tips on how to repair your gel nails like a pro.

Prepare the nail by buffing lightly with an 80-grit buffer. This will remove the shine from the surface of the nail, which helps the new gel adhere better. Use a 100-grit buffer to gently roughen up the nail around the break; this will help blend in the new gel.

If there is still some shine on your nail, wipe it with a lint-free pad soaked in polish remover or alcohol. This removes any oils and makes sure your nail is clean and dry before you move on to step four.

Apply a thin layer of primer, which helps keep your natural nails healthy by keeping them flexible and strong. It also creates a bond between your natural nails and whatever artificial material you use on top of it (gel, acrylic, etc.).

Using THIN coats of gel polish, paint over just the broken area so that it blends

So you’re a gel nail addict too? It’s ok, you’re among friends here. I love gel nails. I have my nails done once every two weeks and I have never had an issue with them. But recently, a huge chunk of my index finger nail came off. Naturally it freaked me out but I knew that there was a way to fix it. So after some research and trial and error, I’ve figured out how to repair your gel nails like a pro!

I say “like a pro” because this is the method that my manicurist uses when she fixes mine. And if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!

About two weeks back, I was getting ready for bed when the nail on my index finger just peeled off in one long sheet. To make matter worse, the rest of the nail on that finger was starting to lift up from the cuticle as well. Of course I freaked out because what girl wants to walk around with half her nail missing? Thankfully these are things that can be fixed easily so I went online and did some research on how to fix broken gel nails at home. The consensus seemed to be that you should use gel polish to repair them but unfortunately, my gel polish

Now that gel nails have become a mainstream trend, there is plenty of information online on how to apply the product yourself. But what happens when you screw up? What do you do when you have a chip in your nail or worse yet, your manicure starts to peel? Can you possibly repair it yourself?

The good news is, yes! You can absolutely fix your gel nails at home as long as you know what to do. To save you from some frustrating DIY attempts (and by frustrating, I mean dangerous) we consulted with celebrity nail artist Elle for the best tips and tricks on how to repair your gel nails like a pro.

Keep reading for six easy steps on how to repair your gel nails.

Gel polish has been a big part of my career and has allowed me to create amazing looks for my clients. My gel polish services have also led to a lot of repair work. Gel polish is not all that easy to remove, so, a lot of people will want to avoid removing it if possible and just fix the area that is causing the issue. I’m going to share some tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years on how to repair your gel nails.

These tips and tricks can be used on both natural nails, acrylic nails, and dip powder nails. We are going to focus on gel nails because they are harder to remove than acrylics or dip powder.

Gel nails are wonderful because they last longer than a regular manicure and they look so shiny and professional. But sometimes they can get damaged, making them look unsightly. Here’s how to repair gel nails at home!

First, you’ll need to remove any existing polish using nail polish remover. Next, take an orangewood stick and gently push the gel back down. You don’t want to push too hard or you might break the nail. If this doesn’t work, try filing the top layer of your nail back down until it is smooth again.

Then, use your Cuticle Nipper to trim the bottom edge of your nails. This will make it easier for the gel to stick when you reapply it. Take care not to cut too deeply into the skin around your nails because this could cause an infection! Finally, apply a thin layer of clear polish over top before putting on another coat or two with whichever color you choose (I like using dark reds because they’re less likely to chip).

You’re a pro at applying gel polish, but what happens when a client’s nails get chipped? You know what to do! With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can easily repair gel nails in between the two-week mark, when your clients come back in for a fresh manicure.

You’ll need:

– File (180 grit)

– Gel cleanser

– Cuticle stick

– Nail prep wipe

– Liquid buffer

– Gel base coat and top coat

– Lint-free wipes

– Cuticle oil

I have been wearing gel nails for years and I can honestly say that as long as you are getting them done with a top quality salon, they are a dream come true. There is no mess, you can’t feel them on your fingers, and if you take care of them, they can last for up to 2 months!

Gel nails are popular because they are transparent making it easy to create an array of different nail art designs. They are also more flexible than acrylic nails, so they don’t chip easily and you can do all kinds of things like typing on a keyboard and lifting weights without worrying about breaking your nail.

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