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Needless to say, there are no guarantees when it comes to nail art. There are only tips and tricks from the pros, who have been working hard to perfect their craft.

In the end, however, it’s all about experimentation and practice. And if you’re someone who has mastered the art of gel nails, then you know just how much satisfaction one can get from that.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for nail art:

1. Make sure your nails are clean before you start painting them. You can use a toothbrush or a wet washcloth to remove any dirt or debris on your nails before you start painting them.

2. When applying nail polish, always apply it in thin layers so that the color is even and smooth. This will ensure that your nails look good once they’re done drying.

3. When applying nail polish, don’t be afraid to paint outside of the lines! Many people tend to avoid painting outside of the lines because they think it will make their nails look bad or tacky, but this isn’t necessarily true! Painting outside of the lines actually helps your nails look better because it allows you to add more color on top of what’s already there without having too much excess paint on your fingers –

At first glance it doesn’t seem like nail art is something that requires a lot of precision. After all, it’s just paint on nails. But a lot more goes into creating gorgeous works of art on fingernails than you might think. Take a look at the pros and see how they do it.

Now that you have an idea of what all goes into creating beautiful nail art, try looking through these tips and tricks to get the best nail art possible. And don’t forget to practice, practice, practice! You’ll be an expert in no time!

As you can see, my nails are not a very nice shape and I’m left handed so it’s very hard for me to apply nail varnish neatly so I have a few tips and tricks that I use to help make the application easier.

– Firstly make sure you have everything you need before you start; base coat, nail varnish, top coat and nail polish remover.

– Make sure your nails are clean as dirt will stick to the nail varnish and make them look untidy.

– Apply the base coat this will give the varnish something to grip onto.

– When applying the varnish use three strokes one down the middle then one either side this should give a good coverage.

– Once your nails have dried you can apply the top coat which will seal your work and make them shiny.

– You can then sit back and relax with your nails looking at there best.

Here are our top tips and tricks for getting the most out of gel nail varnish.

1. Don’t shake your bottle! The ingredients in gel polish tend to separate, so you need to roll the bottle on a flat surface before use.

2. Make sure your nails are clean, dry and free of any residue before you apply the first layer of colour.

3. Apply an even amount of varnish in three thin strokes: down the centre of your nail and then either side.

4. To avoid smudges, don’t apply too close to the cuticle and keep a safe distance from the sides.

5. Cure for 30 seconds under LED light or 2 minutes under UV light if using a traditional lamp.

6. Repeat this process with a second coat to ensure full coverage and cure again for as above. For extra shine add a clear topcoat and cure as above before wiping off tacky residue with acetone-free cleanser or alcohol wipes to finish!

The practice of gel nail varnish application is actually pretty simple and can be carried out at home as well. The first step is to clean the nails with a lint free wipe soaked in acetone nail polish remover. After the nails are dry, apply a thin layer of gel base coat and cure it for 30 seconds in the UV lamp.

Then apply two coats of gel color polish and cure each coat for 30 seconds in the UV lamp. Finally apply the gel top coat and cure it for 30 seconds in the UV lamp. After that wipe the sticky layer from your nails with a lint free wipe soaked in acetone.

Your nails will look great for about two weeks if you take care of them properly, but when you want to remove gel nail varnish you will need to soak cotton balls in pure acetone and wrap them round your fingers, then wrap foil around it all to keep it tightly on. Leave it like that for 10-15 minutes, then remove the foil and cotton balls and gently scrape off the softened varnish with an orange stick or manicure stick.

With the trend for gel manicures flying high, it’s no surprise that so many women are looking to buy gel nail varnish. A gel manicure is a service offered by many salons, and allows you to have stunning nails which last up to two weeks. It’s a very popular choice, but it can often be expensive and time consuming to constantly be visiting the salon every time your nails need doing.

When you buy gel nail varnish, you can apply the polish yourself at home, getting the same look as if you had been to the salon. This is great if your nails grow fast or break easily; you’ll be able to save money on replacement services and get a professional finish every time. If you’re wondering where to buy gel nail varnish from, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the best option for you.

Gel Nail Varnish Brands

Gel nail varnish is a long lasting alternative to regular varnish, and is cured using different UV lights. There are two types of Gel Varnish, Soft (soakable) or Hard (scratchable). Gel nail varnish is designed to last at least 3 weeks without chipping, but with the right care it can last up to 6 weeks. Although it costs more than regular nail polish and requires a trip to the salon, gel nails are easier to maintain and offer greater protection for your nails, which makes them perfect for the busy woman.

Gel polish is more expensive than regular polish because it requires more work. Also, since gel polish lasts longer than regular nail polish (2-3 weeks), you will likely have to visit your salon less often.

Gel nail varnish is applied in a similar way to regular nail varnish, with a base coat and top coat that create an air tight seal around the nail. Once applied, the gel nails are cured under a UV light for two minutes which hardens the polish. When you want to remove the gel nails, you will either have to soak them off or buff them off. For soft gel nails you simply place your hands in acetone for 15-20

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