Russian Manicure a DIY Manicure

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Russian Manicure: a DIY Manicure: a blog on how to do the nails yourself, touch up your manicure, etc.

A lot of girls and women are faced with the fact that they are not satisfied with the shape of their nails or fingers. And if it is quite possible to correct the situation with plastic surgery, then only an artist can cope with such a task as correcting the form of nails in your own way.

But there will be very few women who will want to make a decision about surgery. Many girls decide for themselves that it is easier and more convenient to hide imperfection with nail design. In this case, everyone can choose the most suitable options for themselves, because there are very many of them now.

The best solution may be considered a Russian manicure. This is a special technique that helps to make the nail plate visually longer and more slender, which allows you to correct the natural shape of your fingers.

Russian Manicure is a DIY manicure. Learn how to do your own nails at home and get advice on how to touch up your manicure.

So, the manicure is in front of you. But what to do next? You can go to a professional, but not everyone will have such an opportunity. You can contact your girlfriend or sister for help, but what if there is no one to turn to? And here’s another way out – it’s Russian manicure.

The owners of long nails know that it is difficult to make a classic manicure on them without damage. But do not despair! There is an alternative option – a Russian manicure, which does not require prior training, special skills and expensive equipment. So, how to make a Russian manicure at home?

There are many ways of doing a Russian manicure. The most popular is to paint the tip of the nail with a fairly thick layer of colored polish. Then, after this layer has dried, the nail is carefully scraped with a file to remove excess paint from the tip.

The Russian manicure has some advantages over French manicure. For example, when you do a French manicure on your nails it can be difficult to keep the white line straight and even. This is because the brush used to apply the white stripe is very thin and can be hard to keep in place. It’s easy to smudge or leave too much white polish on one side of the nail while leaving too little on the other side.

With Russian manicure all you have to do is paint your whole nail with colored polish and then scrape off any extra paint with a file. This makes it easier to keep an even line at the tip of your nails. Also, if you don’t like how it looks or if there are any mistakes that need fixing up later – just use some colorless nail polish remover to fix it up!

Another advantage of this technique is that there are so many different colors you can use for your Russian manicure which means there will always be something new

Russian manicure is a unique method of nail care, which consists in the use of special files for grinding and polishing the nail plate. This procedure can be performed both at home, and in a beauty salon. Russian manicure at home: step by step instruction.

The main difference between this type of manicure from others is that the nail plate is not cut at all, but simply polished with special files. The sequence of steps for performing this procedure is quite simple, it includes:

1. Cutting the cuticle

2. Grinding and polishing of nails

3. Application of nutraceuticals to the surface of the nail plate

4. Hand care

5. If desired, varnish application

Russian manicure – a procedure for the care of nails, which involves polishing the nail plate with a special abrasive paste. The method appeared in Russia in the 50s of the last century and is popular even today.

How to make a Russian manicure?

Russian manicure is based on polishing nails with a special paste, which includes different types of abrasives. The main thing is that they are not too coarse, otherwise they will damage the surface of the nail. The paste has a consistency that is easy to apply and remove, such as cream or gel. Abrasives can be both artificial and natural: pumice, chalk, white clay, table salt and even soap.

In addition to removing irregularities on nails by grinding, this type of manicure helps strengthen them and improve their appearance.

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