Tips for Getting Longer Lasting Sparkly Nails

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Are you sick of chipping your pedicure nails within a week?

I know I am!

After spending so much time and money on getting your nails done, it’s frustrating to see them chip just days later.

This is why I have created this blog. I have tried out many different methods for preventing polish from chipping and I will share with you the ones that actually worked.

Before we get into how you can prevent chips, let’s talk about some of the reasons your mani/pedis might be chipping quickly.

1. The nail technician didn’t use base coat or top coat. This is the most common reason for polish chipping quickly. Base coat helps polish adhere to your nail, and top coat helps it become durable and shiny as well as provides a protective layer to prevent chips! If you aren’t using base and top coat every time you do a manicure/pedicure at home, start now! Even if you are getting your nails done at a salon, always ask for base and top coat to be used. It is worth the extra cost.

2. The nail technician didn’t soak off the old polish properly before applying new polish. If there isn’t a proper clean surface to apply new polish to

How to Prevent Your Mani/Pedi from Chipping Quickly:

First, get a professional pedicure or mani that uses high quality products.

Second, start with clean nails. If you polish your nails with old nail polish, it will chip more quickly.

Third, use a base coat to prevent the polish from chipping.

Fourth, use two layers of nail color and seal with a clear topcoat. This will lock in your color and make it last longer!

Fifth, do not soak your nails in water for 24 hours after you get your mani/pedi.

Sixth, if you are doing your own mani/pedi at home be sure to use good products and follow these same tips!

So you just spent $30, went to the nail salon and got a beautiful sparkly manicure/pedicure that you love…..and within hours you notice the first chip!! I’m going to show you some easy steps that will help your nails last longer.

1. Prep them well: Make sure you or your nail technician pushes back the cuticles and files down any excess skin around your nails.

2. Add 2 coats of base coat: After pushing back the cuticles and filing off excess skin, add a base coat of nail polish to protect your nails from staining from the dark colors used in mani/pedi’s.

3. Take time for each coat of polish to dry: This is a big one! Each coat of nail polish needs to be 100% dry before adding another coat on top. Otherwise, you’re just asking for bubbles and chipping. I tend to wait about 5 minutes between coats of polish, but I know some people who wait as long as 30-60 minutes (I am not that patient)!

4. Only paint the tips: One major thing that causes nail polish to chip quickly is applying it too thickly on top of the entire nail bed instead of just the tips. The thicker you apply it, the longer it will take to dry, which can cause chipping.

5. Finish with a top coat: It’s important to put a good top coat over your colored nail polish because it will help seal in your color and prevent ch

You can prevent your nail polish from chipping by following these simple steps:

1. File your nails before applying a base coat or any polish. This will allow the polish to adhere better and longer

2. Start with a base coat. Even if you don’t use a base coat, you are still applying two coats of color, so this is really more like three coats of color

3. Apply two coats of your selected nail color

4. Let them dry for one minute between coats

5. Finish with a top coat (this is important!)

6. Let dry for 20 minutes before doing anything with your hands.” (repeatable)

My top suggestion for long-lasting nails is to purchase the OPI Gel Top Coat. It lasts 3 weeks, is chip resistant, and comes in a variety of colors from clear to sparkly pink or light blue. I have gone 4 weeks with this product on my nails and still have minimal chipping. The only downside to this product is that it takes some time for each layer to dry (about 5 minutes) but the result is amazing!

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative I would suggest Seche Vite or Essie Speed Setter. The Seche Vite dries in a minute but doesn’t last as long as the OPI Gel Top Coat. Essie Speed Setter lasts about 1 week and dries within 1 minute. Both of these products are great alternatives to the OPI Gel Top Coat but not as long lasting.

The nail polish brand you use may not matter as much as how you apply it. Use thin layers of nail polish and let each layer dry before applying the next coat.

You can also try using a top coat to seal your nail color. Apply a small amount of clear nail polish to the tip of each nail after your manicure is completed. This will create a barrier that prevents your nails from chipping.

Avoid doing activities that place pressure on your nails for at least one hour after applying nail polish. If you must do these things, wear gloves to protect your nails from chipping or breaking.

Just like any other cosmetic item, all nail polishes are different and may work better with some people than others. Keep track of which brands last longer on your nails and stick with those in the future.

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