What Your Nail Polish Colour Says About You

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I have always been fascinated by the psychology of colours and the way we use them to express ourselves. I have an MBA in marketing, which makes me particularly passionate about the way companies use colours as part of their branding strategy.

If you want to learn more about my background, you can read my introductory post.

I also love nail polish. All that colour on our fingertips is a little piece of art we get to wear every day. It’s very personal, and it can be used as a form of self-expression.

I was always interested in the psychology of clothing and accessories, but what fascinates me most is nail polish because it is temporary and can change so easily. You can choose to show your true colours or hide them. You can even change your mind throughout the day.

What Your Nail Polish Colour Says About You is a blog about human psychology and how that is reflected in the colours we wear.

What your nail polish colour says about you

Much like with the clothes you wear, the way you style your nails can say a lot about who you are. Here are some of our favourite colours and what they might say about the person wearing them…


You’re a no-nonsense type of gal. You’re always ready to tackle whatever work throws at you, and you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty. You’re low maintenance but high energy, and people love having you around because of it.


You’re sweet, innocent and youthful. You love to be the centre of attention, and you wouldn’t have it any other way! Your friends think that you’re cute as a button, but your enemies think that you’re too much. Either way, this is one colour that never goes out of style.


You demand attention wherever you go, and people respect that about you. You know where you stand on every issue and aren’t afraid to voice your opinions. Most importantly, though, when all is said and done, people would describe you as loyal. Almost nothing comes between true friends!

In the world of beauty, there are those who will always choose a neutral, understated nail colour, and those who favour a rainbow of the latest colours. What your favourite colour says about you?

Believe it or not your nail polish preference can reveal a lot about your personality, from your self-confidence to your relationships.

Red – You are strong and self-assured

The colour red is a classic when it comes to nail polish, and it represents strength and power. If you’ve ever wondered why so many women go for red nails on big days like job interviews or first dates, this is why! Red is also the colour of passion and love, making this an ideal choice for date night.

Pink – You’re romantic and flirty

The pink shade has long been associated with femininity and romance. To wear this colour is to show that you are a hopeless romantic who loves love! This can be a great way to show off a playful side without being too bold. Pink can also represent youthfulness and innocence, making it a perfect choice for employees in industries such as medicine or law enforcement.

Blue – You are optimistic and hopeful

Blue is the hue of oceans and skies, so it’s no surprise that it represents calmness and

I’m a blogger. I blog about women’s products. I am a woman, and I like to paint my nails.

I used to be an artist. I studied fine art at the University of New South Wales, and then got a job in the art department at Fairfax Media. Then one day the art department was cut, and it was either return to study or begin working in some other area of publishing. I chose the latter.

I had always been interested in human psychology, so I applied for a job with a women’s lifestyle magazine. That magazine also got shut down, but they transferred me over to their website as an editorial assistant, because by that time I had become quite adept at writing blog posts. The editor-in-chief of that website recently left to work for another company, and she offered me a job there as a content producer for their fashion blog.

I have since written many blog posts about what your fingernail colour says about you; what your handbag says about you; what your haircut says about you; what your clothing says about you; what your home furnishings say about you; and so on.

I have found this blog very enlightening since it has taught me so much about human nature [not].


The red nail polish is highly popular. It is a classic. The classic has never gone out of style. It might not be the trendiest colour but it sure is one of the most powerful colours.

The red nail polish signifies passion, power and strength. A red nail polish shows that you are confident and know what you want. You know your own mind and have your own opinions and ideas. You have a strong personality and also have a strong desire to get what you want in life.


The black nail polish is unusual. It makes a statement, not like the conservative red or pink shade, but it still sends out a message; black means ‘I am powerful’, ‘I am mysterious’ or ‘I am sexy’.

I am a psychotherapist and in my practice I have always been fascinated by the colours that people wear.

When I was doing my undergraduate degree at York University, I took a course called The Psychology of Colour. It opened the doors to a whole new way of thinking about what we wear, the colours we surround ourselves with in our homes and work environments, and the effect that it has on our moods and behaviour.

I am now sharing this information with you through this blog. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions for future blog topics.

I will be posting articles on colour theory, favourite colours of famous people, how to dress according to your body type using colour analysis, how to match colours when you go shopping, what the latest fashion trends are in terms of colour, and how colour can affect mood and behaviour.

Have fun exploring this colourful world!


Red nails scream “Look at me” in the most seductive way. Red nail polish is associated with strength, power and sex appeal. Wearing red nail polish says “I am a force to be reckoned with and I won’t take no for an answer”.


Orange-red is the colour of excitement, enthusiasm and danger. Orange nail polish is a good choice if you want to make a statement without being too loud. If you are looking to add a certain edge to your look but don’t want to do anything too crazy orange is a good choice.


The colour yellow signifies fun and playfulness. Wearing yellow nail polish says you are open and approachable – people just seem to gravitate towards you. Wearing yellow nail polish also shows that you like to have fun and that you’re not afraid to show off your youthful side.


There are many shades of green from the dark forest green which says “I’m mysterious” to light minty greens which say “I am fresh, young, playful”. Pastel greens can reflect softness whilst bright greens can be edgy and sweet at the same time. Green is a great colour for summer – it’s very refreshing and invigorating!



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