What’s The Best Nail Polish To Use? 3 Factors that Affect Nail Wear

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As a nail salon professional, I’m often asked for nail polish recommendations. What’s the best nail polish to use? In my opinion, the best nail polish to use is one that works best with your nails and lifestyle. While some will argue that OPI or Essie are the best brands, they may not be the best fit for you!

There are 3 main factors that affect nail wear:

1. The type of nails you have

2. The type of polish being used

3. Your lifestyle

I’ll start first with explaining how different nail types can impact how long your manicure will last.

So, you just got a fresh mani and pedi, and you’re wondering how to make it last as long as possible. You want to look your best for that special occasion, or you just don’t feel like going to the salon every couple of days. We get it!

We’ve all been there; you get home from the salon, and after a day or two, your nails are already chipped. What gives? Well, there are actually a variety of factors that can affect the life of your nails. Here we will discuss the 3 most important factors that affect nail wear.

1. The type of polish you use – You may have heard of gel manicures before, but did you know that they tend to last longer than regular polish? In fact, they can last up to 3 weeks! This is because gel-polish is cured under an ultraviolet light as opposed to air-drying like regular nail polish.

2. Your lifestyle – If you spend a lot of time washing dishes or have wet hands often (say if you work in healthcare), that could be why your nails chip so fast. Additionally, if you use your hands a lot (like typing on the computer all day), this could also

If you’re a regular nail polish user, then you’ve probably noticed that some nail polish lasts longer than others. Many people assume that the more expensive the nail polish, the longer it lasts. However, this isn’t always the case.

We’ll discuss 3 factors that affect the life of your nail polish. Knowing these factors will help you understand how to get the most out of your manicure and pedicure services.

1. Nail Polish Formula

The first factor that affects nail polish wear is the formula of the nail polish itself. If you use a cheap brand of nail polish, then you will likely notice that it chips within a few days. This is because the formula is not durable and contains low-quality ingredients.

Cheap polishes are made mostly of acetone or butyl acetate and acrylic polymers. These chemicals evaporate quickly and cause chipping within just a few days after application.

On the other hand, quality nail polishes contain more resins/polymers and less solvents (acetone/butyl acetate). This creates a thicker coating on your nails that resists chipping better than cheaper formulas.

2. Your Nails

The second factor that affects nail

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a love/hate relationship with your nails. I’ve been rocking acrylics for the past ten years and have never been able to grow my own nails out because they are so brittle, breaking within a few days of growing them out. I’m sure many of you have experienced this or have a friend or family member who has dealt with this problem as well. So it’s no wonder that nail polish is such a huge industry!

There are tons of different types of nail polishes to choose from, but not all are created equal. Some are designed to last longer than others, while others may chip easily or leave your nails looking dull after just one day.

So what makes one type of nail polish better than another? Nail experts say it all comes down to three factors: how long it lasts on your nails; how much damage can be caused by chipping; and how shiny your nails look at the end of the day.

Length Of Wear Time

The length of wear time is one of the most important aspects when choosing which type of nail polish to use. If you want your nails to look beautiful for weeks at a time, then you should opt for

It’s almost summer, and most of us are rocking our favorite nail polish colors. The question is: how long will these nails last? Usually, the answer depends on your nail polish of choice and how durable it is. But there are other factors to consider which can affect the life of your manicure.

Nail Polish Topcoat

If you’re looking for a quality topcoat, one that works well with all nail polishes, we recommend CND Super Shiney Top Coat. This topcoat offers great shine, dries quickly, and protects against UV rays which help the color last longer. You can purchase this product at any professional beauty supply store or online.

Nail Polish Base Coat

A good base coat will help dry and brittle nails retain moisture while also protecting them from harmful chemicals contained in some nail polishes. Our favorite base coat is Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat because it helps your nail color stick to your nails like glue! This base coat can be purchased at any professional beauty supply store or online.

Nail Polish Remover

The main ingredient in most nail polish removers is acetone, which has a drying effect on the nails when used regularly. When using any nail polish remover, always apply

Everyone loves a good manicure, but no one wants to spend the money at the salon all of the time. So you head to your local drugstore, pick out your favorite color and head home for a DIY manicure. But does the quality of nail polish impact how long your nails look great?

The answer is yes! There are three main factors that can affect how long your manicure will last: ingredients, application processes and how you care for your nails.


The most important ingredient in nail polish is nitrocellulose (plasticizer) which gives nail polish its shape and helps it stick to the nail. Nitrocellulose is often combined with other chemicals such as acetone, ethyl acetate or alcohol. The type of plasticizer used will determine the length of time your nails stay looking great – lower grade plasticizers tend to chip faster than higher grade ones. Nail polish brands that use lower grade plasticizers will have a shorter shelf life and can dry out more quickly. Poor quality plasticizers can also cause allergic reactions or discoloration of the nail bed.

Another important ingredient in nail polish is colorant pigment or dye which gives the polish its color. Cheaper dyes tend to fade or change color over

When it comes to paint lasting on your nails, there are many factors that affect the durability of your manicure. Quality of the products you use, how often you polish your nails, and how long you leave the paint on your nails are some of the key factors that determine how long your nail polish will keep its shine and stay chip-free

1. Quality of Nail Polish:

In general, cheaper polishes tend to be more prone to chipping because they are made with a higher concentration of plasticizers (which make nail polish flexible) and solvents (which make nail polish dry quickly). These two ingredients allow the polish to flex with your nails as they grow rather than crack. The downside is that too much solvent can make the polish brittle, causing it to chip faster.

In addition to that, cheaper polishes usually have less pigment in them which means they have a more sheer color and require more coats for full coverage. Because each layer you add makes your manicure more prone to chipping, using polishes with higher concentrations of pigment will actually save time by requiring fewer coats!

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