Winter Nail Art Designs

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Winter Nail Art Designs: simple designs to try this winter. Winter is that time of the year when you go for darker and bolder colours, so your nails can also get a makeover. The winter nail art design can be anything as simple as a single colored nail or as complicated as going all out with the snowflakes, snowmen and Christmas trees. There are no set rules – just go out there and experiment!

One of the easy ways to dress up your nails in winter is to go for something like a metallic color. This can be anything from gold to silver, copper or bronze. Metallic colours are very much in trend right now, so you should choose one that compliments your skin tone. You could also try to mix it up with a glittery polish to make it look even more stunning.

The cold winter months can be the most challenging time to find nail art inspirations. So, if you are looking for some easy designs to try out this season, look no further! We have compiled a list of ten simple nail art designs that will make your winter nails shine!

1. Basic Winter Nail Art Design:

If you love the classic black and red together, then you need to try this simple winter nail design. This is a fun and easy way to spice up your short nails!

2. Winter Nail Art Design:

For all of you who love keeping it natural, this nude and burgundy nail design is perfect for you this winter. To recreate this look, apply two coats of a light nude colour on your nails as a base and add burgundy polish on just one nail of each hand, leaving the rest nude.

3. Simple Winter Nail Art Design:

This cute winter nail art design is another great option for those who like to keep it simple with their nails. To recreate this look, choose three different colours (in the picture we used white, beige and navy), paint your nails with white polish as a base and use tape or stickers to block off half of each nail before painting with the other colours.

Winter Nail Art Designs

It’s winter and the holidays are almost here. For a lot of people, this is one of the most enjoyable seasons they look forward to. Christmas, New Year’s and other holidays will be celebrated in the next few weeks and it is simply impossible not to have fun during this time.

In order to make things more festive, you can plan your nails ahead of time. Here are some winter nail art designs that might inspire you this season:

1) Cool snowflakes – This design is simple, yet very elegant. It can be done with any color but it looks best on a white or light blue background. You can use metallic paints for your snowflakes and get creative with their sizes and shapes.

Winter Nail Art Designs 2016: The winter season is a time to express your love for the nature. It is the time to enjoy the snow and the coziness of your home with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. For many people, there are no days off in winters as they have to go to work or school even on holidays. To keep yourself warm and stylish, you should try some of these nail colors which are not only trendy but also make you feel cozy inside.

1. Blue and Silver

This color combination is very classic and suitable for any occasion. Since silver has a metallic look, it just goes well with the blue nail polish. The two colors in combination looks very classy and can be worn on any occasion you want.

For the colder months of the year, a dark manicure is always on trend. This winter, try some of these simple nail art designs to add a little sparkle to your outfit.

Nude and Dark Grey

This subtle design will go with any outfit, but it still makes a statement. For this design, use a nude polish for your base coat and let it dry completely. Then, dip a thin paintbrush in dark grey nail polish, and paint small chevron shapes on each nail. Once the grey polish dries, top it off with clear nail polish to keep the design from chipping.

Matte Green

If you want something more glamorous for your next event, this matte green design will go perfectly with your evening dress. Start by painting each of your nails with a bright green polish and let it dry completely. Then, apply clear top coat to all of your nails except for your ring finger – instead of top coat, apply matte top coat to that nail only. Let everything dry for at least 20 minutes (apply two coats of matte top coat if necessary) then finish each nail off with glossy top coat.

Plaid Design

Do you have long nails? Show them off with this plaid design! For this look, you

There are some things your manicure can’t be without. These winter nail colours will bring a smile to your face and the compliments will roll in!

The winter weather is so harsh on our nails, you need to make sure you keep them moisturized and hydrated. I’m always using hand cream, it’s so important. But I also like my manicure to look pretty and fresh, even though it’s cold outside. With these winter nail colours, you can still get the best of both worlds.

Adding glitter to your nails is another must for winter. You can just do one or two nails as an accent or go all out with a full glitter mani. Either way, it is sure to make you feel like a diva!

Nail art is such a fun way to express yourself and show off your personal style. Some of these looks are very simple and easy to recreate yourself at home, while others will require more practice or even professional assistance. But which ever way you decide to go, have fun with it and enjoy!

These days, you can find nail art designs in every season and occasion. From simple nail polish to something more intricate and detailed, there is always a design that is suitable for any woman. It is almost like women have a special connection with their nails. In most cases, they are just looking for the right design that will match their personality or the occasion they are attending.

Being creative with your nails you can make them look more attractive and beautiful than before. If you want to create something different for your nails, you can use the following tips:

Paint the base color on your nails first. Even if you are going to add other colors later on, it is still a good idea to paint them with one solid color first. When painting your nails, make sure that you apply enough polish so that it will not chip easily. Also, remember to apply two layers of polish to prevent any chips from showing through later on.

Apply another coat of polish to one of your nails only. This will give your nails a more elegant look by making it look like there are tiny flowers growing on them. You may also apply some glitter if you prefer to do so. Just be careful when applying the glitter so that it does not stick or get stuck in your hair or

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